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The Indo-Soviet Treaty

September 25, 1971 nity with each other than they had with non-One Book nations like India and Singapore. The view that the Islamic nations would always make common cause with each other in time of need and would readily forget their friendship with non-Islamic nations, has been expressed privately several times before by Singapore leaders to visiting Indian ministers. It was ex- pressed by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in April 1969 to Morarji Desai when he had visited this country as Deputy Prime Minister, and more recently, to Swaran Singh when he came here last month. Most subtly, it was also hinted that however much India might try to be friendly with Singapore's Islamic neighbour, Malaysia, that friendship would carry no weight if any Islamic country, including Pakistan, came up with the slogan of 'islam in danger''.

SOUTH-Kerala Coalition

SOUTH Kerala Coalition Mohit Sen THE protracted negotiations to bring the Congress into the Ministry in Kerala are indicative of the unsettled balance of forces within that party and a certain lack of clarity on the perspective of the changes that have taken place within it. It is to be noted that the Congress is arguing with the United Front on the number of Ministers and on the distribution of portfolios. There is no argument on the problems of programme nor on whether there has been any lag in the implementation of what was commonly agreed to between the Congress and the United Front, No DISPUTE And it is precisely in this position that all the contradictions of the present position of the Congress are focused. The absence of any controversy with regard to the programme as well as the record of the Ministry is not because these are of no significance to the Congress. On the contrary, it is because there is really no dispute between the Congress and the United Front on these issues. The radicalisation of the petty bourgeoisie in Kerala and the strength of the Communist movement has been reflected in the great change that has taken place in the Congress. The land reforms that have already led to the abolition of landlordism and which were promulgated at a time when the CPI(M) was the dominant party in the ruling United Front, were not only not op- posed by the Congress but welcomed by it. The youth wing of the Congress in Kerala was prepared for direct action in the form of seizure and tilling of the land of the recalicitrant landlords of Kuttanand when the latter threatened not to raise any cropos in protest against the demands of the agricultural labourers. This is a new kind of Congress and the newness is the product of important objective processes which have had an impact on the mind of the intermediate strata as well as of the subjective factor of the Communist Party which has adopted realistic United Front tactics.

SOUTH-Telengana within Andhra

SOUTH Telengana within Andhra Mohit Sen THE search for a solution of the Telon- gana problem persists. But the accent is now on giving Telengana a special position within Andhra. And it is the Chief Minister who now emerges as one of the main obstacles to the finalisation of the terms of the solution. So much so that some Telengana Praja Samiti leaders now quip that the biggest separatist is now Brahmananda Reddi himself. And there is a great deal of truth in that quip.

SOUTH-Kerala s Coalition Changes

SOUTH Kerala's Coalition Changes Mohit Sen THE exact configuration of the changes, in the coalition government in Kerala, is not quite clear at the time of writing. What is clear is that a big shift has taken place in the attitude of some of the United Front partners towards the Congress. It is equally clear that Kerala appears to be on the eve of pioneering yet another phase of coalition politics in India.

SOUTH-Drawn Battle in Andhra

restrict their movements; they have to avoid visits to certain areas even in broad daylight.
And, despite thousands of arrests, unrestricted use of third degree methods, and outright shootings, resorted to by the poller', the sway of the underworld over the civic life of Calcutta and its environs does not show any signs of abating, A Striking feature of the State's political situation, however, is that the combination of Mafia and Gestapo methods against CPI(M) notwithstanding, the Party has been able to hold its own against the formidable combination ranging from Congress(R) to CPI and Naxalites, The successful general strike in Calcutta and in its southern suburbs on June 1, in protest against police and private violence, in the face of opposition from the Congresses. CPI, SUC, etc, and despite the imposing mobilisation of the army, CRP, etc, together with the victory in two out of the three Assembly elections which had been countermanded earlier have amply demonstrated the astounding mass support for CPI(M), In sharp contrast to the morale- boosting performances of the CPI(M), the major parties in the ruling Democratic Coalition are in the doldrums Different groups in Congress(R) lighting for vantage postions in the party and in the Government are heading for a showdown, In his bid to pate-crash into the cabinet, Ajoy Mukherji's erstwhile chief lieutenant. SushiI Dhara, has already split Bangla Congress and run away with two of the party's five MLAs. He has been bargaining far a cabinet post by holding the threat of withdrawing the support of his group of three to the coalition.

SOUTH- Quiet Karnataka

ANYONE who wants quiek change will get a deep fit of the blues if he goes to Bangalore. Not only is the climate salubrious but there is an air of contentment about the place which can be quite disturbing for those who are of the restive land. And, for once, appearances are not exactly deceptive. Change there has been but not of the jolting kind.

SOUTH- Kerala Pointers

service in the country. "Committed" is not merely becoming a controversial term, subject to various interpretations, it is also becoming a dirty word in our national life. Committed to what? To the policies and programmes of the ruling party? Committed to the people who occupy the positions of power? Committed to the manipulators who move the pawns behind the scenes? Unless we realise the basic fact that the only commitment of a civil service must be to its duties, its functions and to the general interest of the public, it will not be possible to have a dedicated and devoted team of civil servants.

SOUTH-The Unstated Case for Autonomy

CPI(M) cadres among them is numerically the largest.
CPI(M) RANKS RESTIVE Though smarting under the assault, the CPI(M) leaders have so far acted with restraint. They have confined their counter-moves to the issuing of press statements, demanding permissions to hold mass rallies and protesting against mass arrests of the party's activists. The party has also demanded the summoning of the State Assembly session.

SOUTH-Twists in Telengana

acre was only 22.46 quintals, estimated paid out costs at Rs 37.94 per quintal and comprehensive costs at Rs 67.45 per quintal.
In farm business the comprehensive costs concept is not very meaningful. Paid out costs give a better picture of the surplus accruing to the fanner. Also, it should be realised that in wheat a real breakthrough in productivity has been achieved on a fairly extensive scale. In Ludhiana district in Punjab, for instance, production per acre is as high as 35 to 36 quintals.

SOUTH-Reality and Illusion

past experience, its chances should not be rated high. Much of the emotional appeal of the two parties rests, for instance, on their stands on the place of the Hindi and Punjabi languages respectively. Any watering down of their positions by either of them, which is implicit in any experiment in coalition, would rob them of much of their raison detre in Punjab politics.

SOUTH-Confrontation in Tamil Nadu

was nothing that it could do. It is essentially a problem for the political leadership to tackle. All that the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission could offer to do was to sponsor a discussion of this issue at the next meeting of the National Development Council, Multiple Follow-up The Planning Commission is convening on February 15 a meeting of leading economists to discuss the report of the Dantwala Committee on Unemployment Estimates and to work out follow- up measures in the light of its recommendations. Expert groups are proposed to be set up to undertake studies in depth in certain areas indicated as requiring such study in the Commission's report. According to the Planning Commission, "the proposed programme of studies and surveys should aim at defining and concretising a programme of rapid expansion of employment consistent with planning for economic development at desirable rates of growth of the economy as a whole". The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission has also prepared a paper IN many ways the most interesting of all the electoral confrontations in the country is taking place in Tamil Nadu. And this is not only because of the dramatic withdrawal of all the candidates of the ruling Congress from the Assembly elections. More than this, the compositions and the strength of the challenge from the Syndicate gives the battle there its special character and interest.


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