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Indo-Soviet Arms DeaI

Mohan Ram THE Soviet decision to sell India military hardware worth Rs 1,300 crores on easy long-term credit has come, ironically, in the wake of India's objections to the United States' move to provide military equipment worth $ 400 million to Pakistan to meet the Situation created by the Soviet armed intervention in Afghanistan. The contradictory justifications of the Soviet arms deal one hears in New Delhi add to the irony. Thus Defence Ministry officials refer with satisfaction to the Soviet Union's favourable attitude to India's military needs "in the context of the developments in the region"

KABUL-A Rocky Revolution

January 19, 1980 KABUL A Rocky Revolution Mohan Ram IN the eerie glimmer of the dying day, the Antonov-22 aircraft at the end of the runway looks shadowy and unreal against the snow-covered hills, Soviet soldiers, dwarfed by the giant aircraft, unload crates of hardware feverishly. The alighting visitor is greeted by the legend painted in red, in Pushtun, Russian and English on the terminal building: "Welcome to the land of new model revolution".

NEPAL-Old Uncertainties

NEPAL Old Uncertainties Mohan Ram ABOUT eight months after King Birendra's promise of a referendum on whether Nepal should revert to a multiparty system, old uncertainties persist. The surface calm conceals lurking fears and apprehensions about the nature of impending political changes.

NAGALAND- A New Dimension

November 17, 1979 NAGALAND A New Dimension?
Mohan Ram EARLY this year, a pamphlet circulated by the 'AIl-Nagaland Communist Party' raised a few eyebrows at the headquarters of the CPI (M) and the CPI, neither of which has a unit in Nagaland. The contents of the pamphlet revealed a distinct Maoist orientation because it denounced the present Indian set-up as semi-feudal and semi-colonial. While the official communist parties, by their embarrassed silence, all but disowned the new party, and while spokesmen of the Naga cause in New Delhi tried to maintain

POLITICS- Money for All

ancy company named Fertiliser Planning and Development India Ltd (FPDIL). But it is the one corporate body, out of the five which were created by breaking up the FCI, which has remained without an executive head and a functioning management body. It is also not without significance that FPDIL and its specialists have not been given any worthwhile say in the arrangements which have been negotiated for the setting up of the proposed 1,.350-tonne plants. The entire decision-making process in this connection has been assumed to be the prerogative of the civil bureaucracy in the Petroleum and Chemical Ministry in association with a few selected executives in the industry known for their hostility towards Indian technical expertise.

Mini-Emergencies to Suppress the Poor

Mohan Ram FOLLOWING agrarian tensions in parts of the Teengana region, the Andhra Pradesh Government notified late in October the Sirisilla and Jagityala talukas of Karimnagar district as "disturbed". The implications of the seemingly innocuous notification are far- reaching.

ANDHRA PRADESH- Getting Away with Murder

Andhra Pradesh until March 5, the proud liquidator of the Naxalite movement (which actually means the killing of over 250 leading Naxalites) as the home minister of the state when Brahmananda Reddy was chief minister, has (may be for the time being) resigned his seat in the Legislative Assembly and announced his decision to quit politics. The Vimadalal Commission has indicted him, in its first report dealing with Sanjay Gandhi's visit to the state, for planning and according the "Prince of Wales" (as he was known then, according to the Commission) a "royal" welcome using government machinery. Apparently Vengala Rao has thought it prudent not to wait for the next report of the commission and has bowed out public life.


Karakoram Highway Mohan Ram INDIA'S low-key reaction to the opening of the 800-kilometre Karakoram highway linking Pakistan and China through Pakistan-held Kashmir area (there has been only a formal protest, just for the record) should dismay those in New Delhi who expound the semi-official theory of a link between the overthrow of the Daoud regime in Afghanistan and the inauguration of the silk route. The Karakoram highway took nearly 20 years to build and the opening has implications for India-Pakistan and India-China relations. India had protested about it last in 1969. But last month when it became known that the highway would be formally inaugurated with some fanfare, India apparently decided merely to lodge a formal protest just for record.

LANGUAGE- Reviving a Controversy

LANGUAGE Reviving a Controversy Mohan Ram THE issue of Hindi as India's sole official language' has remained dormant since 1967-68. In that year, the Official Language Act was amended and the Centre's resolution on language policy was passed by Parliament. The then Madias state, disagreeing with the amendment, rejected the three-language formula in education which was a corollary to the bilingual formula in government.

INDO-US SPYING VENTURE-Unanswered Questions

Lok Sabha on the plutonium-powered spy devices jointly planted by the government of India and the United States in the Himalayas has not answered all the questions that arise out of the admission. All that emerges from the statement is that the operation was carried out with the knowledge, consent and co-operation of the Indian government at the ''highest political level", represented at different times by all the three former Prime Ministers.

POLITICAL PRISONERS - II- Where Is the Political Approach

ki Ramareddy, also known as Jani Reddy, testified that she came to know about the death of her son six days after he was killed and that she was performing funeral rites. Knowing this, the police at Suryapet went to her village Isthalapuram in Suryapet taluk and interrogated her and compelled her to disclose who informed her about the death of her son. According to her, enquiries revealed that the fingers of the boys were chopped off, they were tortured and bodies were riddled with bullets.

The Key Issue

The Key Issue Mohan Ram IN theory, the Congress should have derived some psychological advantage from the timing of the Prime Minister's announcement of elections on January 18 and the surprise element in the announcement. In reality, however, it was the Opposition that gained a psychological edge. This should stand out as the most important difference in the strategic environment at the 1971 elections and now.


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