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August 1, 1981 ficantly enough well before Birendra Singh had managed to deplete the Central grain stocks sufficiently by erratic and unplanned releases and procurement of grains in a bumper crops year had been sabotaged. All evidence goes to show that the scuttling of the food-for-work programme has been a calculated job of the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Reconstruction under Rao Birendra Singh. It is indeed cynical to say the least, for him now to hold a conference to search for strategies for full employment in rural areas. This is probably a cover-up of the scuttling of the food-for-work programme which to date has been the most effective and meaningful programme for generating employment and incomes in rural areas for landless rural workers.

Restructuring Family Planning

Restructuring Family Planning Modhumita Mojumdar THE forcible sterilisation drive that was launched one and a half years ago as the most crucial item of. the 25- point programme was nothing less than macabre. That, instead of turning out to be a feather in the cap of Sanjay Gandhi, it became the biggest liability for the Congress in its attempts to woo the voters once elections were announced, indicates only very crudely what kinds of problems future attempts at a family planning programme are likely to encounter. It will certainly require extraordinary courage on the part of any politician henceforth to attempt anything beyond ritual lip-service to the concept of population control.

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