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The Real and the Fictional

system. The future project has a ring of romanticism and piety. It reminds one of the many millenarian and counter-culture movements of the past and, although a cry against the injustice of the world at the end of a millennium, it fails to give a concrete handle for countering the underdevelopment of development. It hardly addresses the issues connected with the development of underdevelopment.

Penetration by Invitation-A Lecturer at Nanyang A Memoir

A Lecturer at Nanyang: A Memoir Michael Thorpe In Singapore many of our prized shibboleths academic freedom, democracy, multiculturalism, the welfare state have been trimmed and shaped by a pragmatic hand in a very small, viable city-state peopled largely by a traditionally hardworking race disposed, by long tradition, to accept an enlightened paternalism. While it cannot serve as a model for larger countries with greater populations divided among regional interests, it is a signal demonstration, microscopically, of the limits and art of the possible.

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