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Recent Research on Widows in India-Workshop and Conference Report

The concerns of widows cannot be dissociated from those of other single women, or indeed from those of women in general. Widows do experience special difficulties and deprivations, connected, inter alia, with the restrictions that are imposed on their lifestyle and the persistence of negative social attitudes towards them.

Poverty, Women s Status and Fertility

is important to bear in mind that many of the first best policy measures in respect of trade, industry and finance will create gross distortions in the economy unless the fiscal machinery in general and the tax structure in particular are efficient and equitable. In the absence of this pre-condition, measures like financial liberalisation and borrowing from the market by public sector enterprises will serve neither equity nor growth. Policy prescription, like politics, is no doubt the art of the possible; but unless the basic goals and the connection between different measures are clearly perceived, the suggested package of measures would in all probability be ineffective and would produce unintended repercussions.

Poverty, Gender, and Work in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is experiencing rapid socioeconomic change marked by increasing rates of landlessness and impoverishment. The consequences of this change vary according to the socio economic class of the households and the gender of household members. The paper argues that the production and kinship systems in rural Bangladesh should be analysed in terms of class and gender. Women from the poorest class face special, often devastating risks associated with one particular manifestation of the traditional production system, the highly segregated labour and product markets. Moreover, an increasing number pf women need access to the labour and product markets which to date, have been largely segregated for males:

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