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BRITAIN-Voice of the Unheard

BRITAIN Voice of the Unheard Maria Couto RIOTS", .said Martin Luther King, "are the voice of the unheard". Those of the last few days resound as one long wail of alarming intensity: Southall on Friday, Toxteth in Liverpool at the week-end; Moss Side in Manchester on Monday; Wood Green in London on Tuesday; a badly battered police force, shops and public property looted and vandalised, large areas destroyed beyond recognition. Lord Scarman's inquiry into the Brixton riots will now extend its scope, we arc told, to investigate the malaise that afflicts the young, black and white. Its most serious symptoms are disillusion with all institutional authority, frustration and hopelessness after months of unemployment, often a rejection of dole queues to break in, instead, into the economic life of society by illegal means. That casualties among the rioters have been far less than those suffered by the police has given cause to the belief that at least some of the rioting was planned. Whether it was also politically motivated is hard to say. But what is undeniable is that left-wing groups have had their premises attacked and bookshops ransacked and theatres that produce plays on subjects related to racial equality have been vandalised.

NORTHERN IRELAND-Protestant Fears and Catholic Despair

biwe, indicated that they do not propose to-embarrass the new government -immediate strike campaign. Taken together with the success of the British labour Party in the recent municipal polls, the Socialist victory in France is expected to have some fallout in the next series of European consultations, particularly in Holland.

BRITAIN-To Be Black and in Brixton

in fact, have been higher if the alleged leakage in liquor trade and taxes could be checked. Similarly, increase in yield of other taxes reflect the normal expansion of business activity.

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