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Public Profitability of Oil-Refining PSUs

All the five public sector oil-refining companies have turned up comfortable profits through the two decades under study in this article. Paradoxically, public profitability, the concept the authors have used here as a more appropriate indicator of operational efficiency, has declined for all these companies. This observation is supported by the upward trend in real unit cost of throughput of these companies. These disturbing findings are corroborated by strikingly upward trends in the ratios of working capital-to-throughput and gross block-to-throughput over the period. Thus the operational efficiency of the profit-making oil-refining public sector units is in serious doubt.

Tertiary Sector and Net Material Product-Indian Economy, 1950-51 to 1983-84

Indian Economy, 1950-51 to 1983-84 Madhusudan Datta This paper argues that there has been no significant difference between the rates of growth of NMP and NDP for the Indian economy. This has been so in spite of the rapid growth of the tertiary sector. In this context the paper briefly analyses the implications of the rapid growth of distributive trade and transport services for NMP. The author also takes a quick look at the growth of the services rendered by 'Public Administration and Defence', which are excluded from NMP.

Net Material Product and Net Domestic Product-Significance of the Two Concepts for Less Developed Countries

This paper examines the relative significance of the concepts of net domestic product (NDP) and net material product (NMP) for less developed countries. What concept of aggregate production would be the appropriate one is a question which has often been raised by investigators in the field of Indian national income Some of the early estimates of Indian national income, by excluding a number of services, provide a measure of aggregate production which is not very different from what one would obtain by using the concept of NMP In fact, such a restricted use of national income is favoured in certain circles even today.

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