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Reforming School Social Science Curriculum in India

Social science syllabi and textbooks at the school level are highly contentious curricular material in India. This essay traces the historical roots of the current situation to the structural and epistemological foundations of higher education. The ill-conceived perceptions of political parties, bureaucracy, judiciary and civil society organisations about the so-called "impact" of curricular materials developed by educational professionals on young learners, and the pressure they exert on curriculum development agencies aggravate the situation. All this obstructs curricular reforms initiated to improve the status and quality of social science learning in schools.

Teaching Economics: A Comment

This comment on the article 'Teaching Economics in Schools' (August 9, 2008) brings out the historical trajectory of curricular changes in higher secondary syllabi and compares the economics syllabi of the states.

Voluntary Retirement and Workers' Welfare

The anxiety to modernise, restructure and globalise Indian industry is often leading to unnecessary retrenchment of workers. This is waste of precious labour force that could have been modernised through retraining. This article examines the voluntary retirement scheme and the national renewal fund which are designed to provide minimum sustenance security to the retired individual and his family.

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