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WEST ASIA- Iran, Iraq and the Gulf

WEST ASIA Iran, Iraq and the Gulf M A Saleem Khan THE Shah-Saddam handshake in Algiers in early March 1975 was not completely unexpected. Negotiations had been going on intermittently in Turkey, a friend of both Iran and Iraq, for the last many months. During his visit to Moscow, in November 1974, the Shah had affirmed that Iran would continue its efforts to settle its differences with Iraq through talks. Though border clashes continued to flare up from time to time1 and Iran's controlled support for the Kurdish rebels was known to persist, the reconciliation was effected finally through the good offices of President Boumedienne in Algiers.

Emerging Power Pattern in the Persian Gulf

March 4, 1972 enormous export prospects in Bangladesh. Overall, the growth prospect for residuals arc 5 per cent and this is confirmed by comparing the first six months of 1970-71 with the first six months of the current year. The likely 1973-74 outturn is Rs 108-110 crores.

Changing Power Pattern in Persian Gulf

M A Saleem Khan An attempt is made here to delineate the emerging power pattern in the Persian Gulf with the British withdrawal.
The present and the future roles of the three bigger countries

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