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Econometric Approach to Share Valuation

Econometric Approach to Share Valuation M R Mayya Valuation of Equity Shares in India by Prasanna Chandra; Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi; pp 148, Rs 30.

Do Stock Exchanges Have a Future

M R Mayya A question quite often asked is Whether the stock exchanges of the country have a future in the context of the fast-changing socio-economic milieu of the country.

Do Equities Act as a Hedge against Inflation

ours, where prices have been generally displaying a continuously rising trend, an investor is forced to be constantly on the lookout for channels of investment which would act as hedge against inflation. Except during the First Plan when prices actually declined, the Indian economy has presented a picture of galloping inflation. While the index number of wholesale prices fell by 17.4 per cent during the First Plan period, it rose by 35.0 per cent and 32.2 per cent during the Second and Third Plans respectively, and then by 257 per cent during the next three years, and again by 537 per cent during the Fourth Plan.

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