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Anand G Chandavarkar

Anand G Chandavarkar, a noted economist, historian central banker, international civil servant, to mention some of his varied accomplishments, passed away recently in the United States where he had settled after retiring from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Remembering Sachin Chaudhuri and Economic Weekly

Sachin, at that time, was the patriarch of the EW family of well-wishers, friends and amateurs (often anonymous contributors) and the intellectual integrity that one has come to associate with EpW owes not a little to Sachin's faith in himself and the cause he was serving. Sachin, through his journal in both its avatars, provided opportunities to young Indian economists to apply their minds to contemporary economic problems and, in a larger sense, set a new trend in applied economic thinking.

National Agricultural Credit Policy

National Agricultural Credit Policy M Narasimham AGRICULTURAL credit is best considered as an element of the total credit picture in the economy. Its availability and cost should appropriately form part of the total resources availability to the credit institutions which determines their ability to purvey credit in the amounts and at the rates they do. This, obviously, is an approach to the problem from the side of supply of credit. But the supply side is not all, There is the question of the appropriate level of demand for agricultural credit This, in turn, depends upon the level at which the agricultural economy is operating, the new directions into which agriculture is expanding and the tech- no-economic requirements of agricultural production and investment.

International Monetary Fund s Charges-Case for a Review

March 7, 1970 am, the discounted present value of the depreciation allowance will be considerably low. Besides, in view of an assumption of a secular rise in prices (made by Bhoothatingam) a uniform rate of upvaluation will discriminate against physical assets with relatively long useful lives because the longer the period the gap between replacement cost of an asset and its written up value will tend to widen.

Bank Resources in the Fourth Plan

M Narasimham The estimates presented in this paper suggest that the call on banks' funds in the Fourth Plan will exceed somewhat the additional deposits that are likely to accrue to them even after assuming tighter budgeting of industrial credit in relation to the growth of industrial production.

Case for More Active Credit Planning

One of the areas of planning policy and techniques to which sufficient attention has mi been paid in India is credit planning and the instruments and institution' necessary for it.

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