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New National Income Estimates-Some Observations

Some Observations M Mukherjee The CSO has made a tremendous effort in producing the new national income series with 1980-81 as base within a short time, making considerable use of new statistical material. Further, the estimates reflect a thorough understanding of concepts and procedures involved in national income estimation and the presentation of the perpetual inventory method in particular is noteworthy.

Statistical Information on Final Consumption in India and the National Sample

Despite its volume, NSS information on household final consumption has not proved useful for analytical purposes.
For economic analysis, it is necessary to have some idea of the changes over time in aggregate household final consumption in nominal and real terms, of the shifts in the structure of consumption by the major categories of use and of the continuing movements in the size distribution of the aggregate at current prices and also preferably in real terms.

Price Information Associated with Principal Distributions of National Income

Distributions of National Income M Mukherjee For practical reasons, it may be desirable to separate the basic problem of valuation of national product from the problem of deflation. Since, in most countries, deflation is a more approximate process than basic valuation, it may be permissible to use a weaker price basis for deflation than for valuation.

Deflation of Private Consumption Expenditure

M Mukherjee G S Chatterjee It is possible to obtain a series of aggregate private consumption expenditure based on NSS data for the period 1953-54 to 1963-64. This series does not vary materially from the series obtained from official national income statistics.

Trends in Distribution of National Income 1950-51 to 1965-66

Two major conclusions flow from this study of Trends in Distribution of National Income
First, the evidence is not conclusive on the movement of disparity in the distribution of personal income by size reckoned at current prices, but the overwhelming indication is that there has been some increase in disparity after 1951-54 and also towards the end of the period chosen for study.

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