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LETTER FROM AMERICA-Making Good the Losses

Making Good the 'Losses' M Arun Kumar IT would be naive to believe that the much applauded establishment of diplomatic gelations between the United States and China will necessarily herald peace on earth and goodwill among men. Instead, viewing the decision in the context of the emerging geopolitics of the Middle and Far East, the portents are for a new era of contentious economic and perhaps military imperialism in the region.

LETTER FROM AMERICA- Rooting for Modernisation

amount required could have been far in excess of SDR 20 billion. Of course, in some years the amount required would be much smaller and, over a sufficiently long period, shortfalls and surpluses would cancel each other out. If compensatory financing is seen as purely an insurance activity, its cost should be zero. Still, as we all know, you cannot run an insurance business without initial funding.

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