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De-feminisation of Agricultural Wage Labour in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

A study of three villages in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, reveals that there is an alarming decline in female agricultural wage labour, resulting in de-feminisation, devastating poverty and outmigration of young boys and men in the Terai region. De-agrarianisation in combination with the revived patriarchal “good woman” ideology explains the crises of female wage labour. The Government of West Bengal’s Anandadhara programme seeks to integrate poor women into the financial flow through microcredit/self-helf groups. However, poor landless and marginal farm women are faced with various obstacles in becoming self-employed entrepreneurs.

Empowerment of Women Its Scope in a Bilateral Development Project-A Small-Scale Irrigation Project in North Bengal

Bilateral Development Project A Small-Scale Irrigation Project in North Bengal Loes Schenk-Sandbergen It is generally accepted, at least in women's studies circles, that empowerment of women can only occur through mass women's organisations which have the capacity to mobilise and organise women at the grassroots. The problem however is that often no such women's groups exist in many rural areas. How then can empowerment be facilitated?

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