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Housing Friendly Budgets

The need for rationalising the tax system related to housing is beyond question. Each year has seen short-sighted add-on provisions directed at tackling issues raised by various stakeholders. The attempt has not been to formulate a consistent tax policy as a complement to other policy instruments or as part of a comprehensive policy to solve the problem of housing. This task remains to be accomplished. The recommendations of Task Force on Direct Taxes do not meet this objective even partially.

Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999

In 1992, the government of India circulated a 'model rent legislation' to state governments as a guide to reforming the state legislation in order to encourage investment in housing. Maharashtra is one of the four states that have evolved new rent legislation. What are its strengths and its inadequacies?

Delhi Rent Control Act Facts and Fallacies

Kiran Wadhva Diagnosis of the problems created by the Delhi Rent Control Act (DRCA) is based largely on criticism levelled against rent control acts in general while amendments to the DRCA are based on the assumed impact it has had on the rental housing market. This assumed impact has not been empirically or analytically investigated. The present paper seeks to fill this gap and examines the impact of the act and the amendments to it on Delhi's rental housing market The paper concludes with suggestions for reforms in the act.

Land-Use Pattern in Urban Fringe Areas-Case Study of Ahmedabad

Land-Use Pattern in Urban Fringe Areas Case Study of Ahmedabad Kiran Wadhva The urban fringe land market is a highly fragmented market. The fragmentation arises not only from various characteristics relating to the land but also government rules and regulations which may not apply to all the land in the urban fringe area uniformly.

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