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The Never-Married Parsis A Demographic Dilemma

The Never-Married Parsis: A Demographic Dilemma Ketayun H Gould The never-married Parsis pose a substantial demographic problem to the community, both because of their numbers, and because of the fact that marital fertility among the Parsis is also very low. The ban on conversion and the refusal to accept as Parsis the children of Parsi women married to non-Parsis eliminates other possible avenues of adding to the community's population.

Sex and Contraception in Sherupur-Family Planning in a North Indian Village

Sex and Contraception in Sherupur Family Planning in a North Indian Village Ketayun H Gould Ineffective family planning often involve failures at the interpersonal level rather than technical failures in the working of the contraceptive device. However technically perfect a given device may seem to be, there is more to contraception than the discovery of a mechanical tool.

Family Planning A Politically Suicidal Issue

September 20, 1969 Maung Maung, "the Indian National Congress was the source of inspiration to the young Thakins. Its proclamations and methods were studied, indeed often copied. At a conference of the Dobama Asi-Ayone, held in Moulmein from April 6-9, 1939 the current programme of the Congress was placed before the Congress by Thakins Aung San, Nu, and others, and adopted in toto". However, as for Subhash Chandra Rose and his men of the INA so for Aung San and Shu Maung (Ne Win), the outbreak of World War II and the spectacular triumphs of Japan provided another and a much more exciting prospect than the Gandhian techniques. Aung San was luckier than Bose. Britain was not able to hold Burma. By the time the British returned, Aung San was securely established as the unchallenged leader of the Burmese National Movement. Maung Maung paints a fascinating picture of the relationship between Burmese nationalists and the Japanese mentors, not all of whom were out to cynically harness Burmese aspirations to the global ambitions of the fatherland.

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