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Southern African Economic Community Who Gains

is not likely to improve much, even in conditions of an ideal IAS-management unencumbered by an elected body.
On the other hand, improving NCCF efficiency is of vital importance. In the overall PDS network, though NCCF is like a small drop in the ocean, it is relatively easy to improve the working of a cooperative, as Samakhya has shown, i e, relative to pure government-run consumer corporations or privately-run ration depots. A recent government committee (of officials) has also brought out that much of the debasement of management in co-operatives in the past three decades is due to the co-operative law which has sought to weaken membership control over co-operative enterprises and substitute it with registrars control, and has pleaded for 'demooatisation' and 'debuitaucratisa- tion' of co-operatives all along the line.

AFRICA- OAU s Predicament

AFRICA OAU's Predicament Karrim Essack THE predicament that the OAU faces on the eve of the Addis Ababa summit is exactly the same that confronted the organisation on the occasion of its two previous, unheld, summits in Tripoli: mastering the requisite quorum to start its deliberations. But another failure to convene the summit, as Tanzania's Foreign Minister has noted, would be catastrophic to the very concept of African unity. This probably explains why the 12-member committee elected to re-convene the summit has been so very active. For a failure this time will mean that the OAU may not even be able to see its 20th anniversary in the form of the 19th summit.

SOUTH AFRICA-Division through Dispensation

SOUTH AFRICA Division through Dispensation Karrim Essack TWO of the five Committees of the Presidential Council in South Africa, the Constitutional Committee and the Economic Committee, have announced their long awaited proposals for change in the political structure of the country. Apart from the fact that they continue to deny the principle of one- man-one-vote, the proposals envisage a new dispensation for the 2.6 million Coloureds and 800,000 Indians in South Africa. . Until now the division amongst the oppressed was through segregation and apartheid; now it would be through dispensation.

ZIMBABWE-Problems of Unity

TO say that division characterised society and politics in Zimbabwe at the time of its independence is to say the obvious. There was a clear division between a privileged white minority and an impoverished black majority. The country's armed forces were divided; there were two guerilla armies and the government's army. Workers, traders and businessmen and their organisations were also along racial, tribal or regional lines.

SOUTH AFRICA-Fourth Anniversary of Soweto

siuce the inception of the Act, as the government machinery has been inadequate. The slumdwellers paid no rent to the private landlords from January 1976 onwards under instructions from the authorities.

AFRICA-Cutting Loose from South Africa

relations, even though GDR and FRG were members of two different alliances. However, neither the FRG nor GDR had plans to do anything affecting their solidarity with their respective allies.

ZIMBABWE-The Land Question

December 1, 1979 ZIMBABWE The Land Question Karrim Essack WHATEVER be the final outcome of the constitutional conference on Zimbabwe, a positive outcome of the proceedings till now has been that they have clarified the political positions of the various contending parties at the conference and those Hovering outside it like Zimbabwe Democratic Party of Chikerema, On no question has this been more evident than on the issue of land. Lord Carrington was anyway frankness itself when he proposed that the present land structure in Zimbabwe be retained for the next ten years and the provisions of the Land Tenure Act 970 be actually incorporated in a But of Rights.

NON-ALIGNED SUMMIT- Report from Havana

September 29, 1979 despite Bhutan's clear desire to handle its foreign relations independently of New Delhi's 'direction'. South Block decided to brief the press of its grave concern over the 'incursions' when the Bhutanese king and his foreign minister were away in Havana. It is an altogether different matter that the bright spirits who briefed the press were quite ignorant of the elementary facts about Bhutan's geographical location


Kenya under Kenyatta Karrim Essack KENYATTA's death was announced on August 23, and from the next day The Standard, a Lonhro publication for Kenyans, began publishing eulogies and condolences from subsidiaries of big business which straddle the whole of the capitalist world. One of the earliest to extol "Our First President and Beloved Father of Our Nation" was the Barclays Bank. It was followed by The Standard and the Grindlays Bank International (Kenya) Limited. By September 3, all the major monopolies and multinationals like Siemens, ASEA, Metal Box. Dunlop (Kenya), BAT, General oods, Fiat, Lonhro (Kenya), Glaxo. Bayers (East Africa), Westo (Kenya), Rank Xerox and Fiat had paid their tributes. The big oil companies had done likewise through East African Oil Refineries and Shell Chemicals. Representatives of other branches of finance capital like the Americ Life Assurance, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Overseas) and Ceral and Sugar Finance Corporation had also conveyed their condolences.

SOUTHERN AFRICA-No Exit for Ian Smith

rupted supply of power. In recent weeks, coal and steel shortages have been particularly acute; the state Industries Minister rushed to Delhi to seek the Centre's assistance in ensuring more coal supplies: but so far, regular and adequate supplies have not been forthcoming.

SOUTH AFRICA-Voting with Their Feet

March 4, 1978 to have a stockpile of nuclear weapons without conducting a nuclear explosion. Furthermore. Israel has the sympathy and support of a large number of' Jewish scientists all over the world, and specially in the US, and hence it may not he difficult for Israel to have checked its prototype bombs without an explosive test. In fact, US officials were reported to he worried in July 1977 that Israel might possess the know how to build even a neutron bomb because a number of American scientists who worked on the neutron bomb project for a decade had migrated to Israel and were working for the Government there.

WESTERN SAHARA-Polisario Shows the Way

new code of conduct will presumably be handed down by the government, the teachers will have no opportunity to participate in framing them. It is to be hoped that this matter receives the serious attention that it deserves from the union. So far, apart from the Association of University Teachers in Bombay, no other association has moved in this respect.


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