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Poverty among Identified Weaker Sections in Rajasthan

The structure and distribution of poverty groups measured in terms of size of landholding, value of assets, caste or unemployment, is not uniform throughout the country. In Rajasthan which by 1968 had become one of highest poverty states the data show some distinct features. This paper examines the position of the generally identified rural poverty groups in the state in terms of the distribution of consumption expenditure, income, assets and liabilities as well as food consumption patterns for both all-rural population and the weaker sections. What emerges is that the consumption levels of a significant number of labour households are higher than those of other sections of the population; that rural labour households are not necessarily the poorer sections; and that in fact, small cultivators turn out to be the worst sufferers.

Agricultural Underemployment in Rajasthan

An attempt is made in this paper to measure the extent of rural underemployment in Rajasthan. Underemployment in this context is defined simply as the difference between the availability and requirement of labour, estimated by statistical procedures which are outlined in Section I where the methodology is discussed. Section It gives the results of the exercise, and the estimates of underemployment are broken down regionally according to districts as well as seasonally for the kharif and rabi seasons, respectively.

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