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Paradox of Competitiveness and Globalisation of Underdevelopment

Probing the theoretical content of the concept of competitiveness, the author argues that it has a very deceptive appearance and as a result is easily misunderstood. Hidden under its apparent simplicity there are many complex facets, failure to recognise and take account of which may result in the wrong kind of globalisation. Given the structural characteristics of a typical less developed economy, it is essential that the notion of competitiveness is grasped in its full complexity before an appropriate reform package is presented. Unfortunately, there are reasons to suspect that this awareness is particularly lacking in the current Indian context.

Accumulation, Poverty and State in Third World-Capital/Pre-Capital Complex

The theme of this note is bourgeois hegemony in contemporary third world countries. The focus is on one particular expression of bourgeois ideology, namely, the concept of economic development. In recent times, there has been a critique of the traditional accumulation-based approach from within bourgeois discourse and an alternative consumption-based approach has been suggested. This dual approach to economic development reflects capital's attempt to incorporate pre-capitaI within the ambit of its ideology It is argued that an extension of the Gramscian framework is necessary in order to capture the nature of hegemony in contemporary third world countries.

Interaction between Trading Capital and Productive Capital in Agriculture under Uncertainty

Review of Agriculture, September 28, 1985 Interaction between Trading Capital and Productive Capital in Agriculture under Uncertainty Ajit K Chaudhury Kalyan K Sanyal The authors have recently developed a theoretical framework to analyse the interaction between productive and sterile activities in an underdeveloped, dualistic agrarian economy (EPW, Review of Political Economy, August 1984). In particular, they discussed the case where the sterile activity grows at the cost of the productive activity The discussion, however, was based on a deterministic model where the uncertainty associated with the prices of agricultural commodities was assumed away This paper tries to examine how the results obtained earlier are affected when uncertainty is explicitly introduced into the model.

Interaction between Trading Capital and Productive Capital in Agriculture- A Theoretical Approach

Productive Capital in Agriculture A Theoretical Approach Ajit K Chowdhury Kalyan K Sanyal The agrarian economies of many Third World countries do not fit in with the dual economy models espoused by mainstream development economics. In these economies one finds capitalist islands amidst a large, pre-capitalist subsistence sector; but the islands remain stagnant or grow at a very slow rate, having no impact on (he size and structure of the pre-capitalist sector.

Production Relations in Indian Agriculture

President Ford lauded Syria's "constructive role" in Lebanon, the Israelis went a .step further. At the time of the Palestinian operation against the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in March, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin had commented that internal developments in Lebanon would reply to the matter. In June, Rabin went so far as to thank the Syrian army for having killed more Palestinians in two weeks than the Israeli army had managed to kill in years. The Syrian invasion in support of the Lebanese rightists cannot be abstracted from the role of American imperialism for its objective significance was to pave the way for an imperialist peace in the Middle East.

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