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Competition in Deregulated Markets

Although the paper "Competition and Monopoly in Indian Cotton Seed Market" (15 September 2007) is a good attempt at identifying some of the dynamics of the industry, the authors do not provide any explicit theoretical framework for analysing competition.

Fragmentation of Wholesale Rice Markets in India

This paper tests for market integration in 55 wholesale rice markets in India using monthly data over the period January 1970 â?? December 1999. The technique of Gonzalez-Rivera and Helfand (2001) is used to identify common factors across various markets. It is found that wholesale rice markets are considerably fragmented. A major reason for this is the excessive interference in rice markets by government agencies and barriers to internal trade. As a result it is hard for scarcity conditions in isolated markets to be picked up by markets with abundance in supply. A number of policy implications are also considered.

Real Consumption Levels and Public Distribution System in India

The policy of allocation of foodgrains under the Public Distribution System (PDS) has been very ad hoc in India with allocation being fixed on a 'historical basis'. This paper uses four sets of pooled equations for predicting stable levels of per capita consumption of rice and wheat in physical terms in rural and urban India. Foodgrain demand and the own-price, cross price and income elasticities of demand are estimated for all states. A formula that is based on the concept of subsidising real consumption through PDS is proposed.

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