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More a Lawyer s Brief than a Report

K S Krishnaswamy The main recommendations of the Committee on the Financial System are concerned with getting the government out, reducing regulation and improving profitability. Are there no better objectives that a restructured financial system ought to serve in a developing economy such as ours, at a critical juncture such as the present?

On Liberalisation and Some Related Matters

On Liberalisation and Some Related Matters K S Krishnaswamy Forty-odd years ago, we hoped for a fundamental restructuring of the economy through planned development under the leadership of a socially a crore public sector. These hopes have remained substantially unfulfilled, thanks to the cynical manipulation of the state and ail its organs by the organised and well-entrenched interest groups within the government and outside. The centralising forces strengthened by a need to hold the country together as well as by the planning processes we adopted have made these interest groups even more powerful. In this environment, is it realistic to assume that these interest groups will not also manipulate (he market system to serve their private interests?

Politicisation and All That

Whereas political activity is not only inherent in any policy of social and economic change but is a necessary condition for it, we have come to invest the verb 'politicise' with connotations of partiality, chicanery, skullduggery and even immorality This is a reflection of the manner in which governments and political parties have abused the authority of the state in India.


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