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Central Bank Autonomy and Monetary Federalism

The independence of the central bank in a market-oriented economy is no longer a disputable issue in theory but problems arise in regard to the ways in which to achieve it. As a practitioner, I would suggest devising a convention through a formal agreement between the government and central bank. It is also possible to have an epigone of a federal central bank in India if the existing regional boards of directors are given more teeth.

JAPAN-llI-In the Years Ahead

In the Years Ahead A K N Ahmed Will the factors which have contributed to Japan's post-war modernisation continue to help the country maintain its growth momentum in the coming years? Not only is the world economic environment changing, but Japanese society too may be undergoing a transformation.

JAPAN-II-An Emerging Military Power

An Emerging Military Power A K N Ahmed Japan has been quietly and sustainedly building up its military strength. Is this a prelude to Japan taking a 'more assertive role in its international dealings? Does Japan see itself as an emerging regional military power on the Pacific rim? How will this affect its economic-security relationship with the US?

JAPAN-I- Basis of Japan s Modernisation

Several factors have contributed to Japan's modernisation: the intensive nationalism of the people; strong and integrated control by a central government; the extensive improvement of the communication system; and its attitude towards the west which, while discouraging the inflow of foreign capital encouraged the assimilation of advanced knowledge from these countries. This is the first in a series of three articles of Japan.

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