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Growth of Small Towns in Gujarat

Growth of Small Towns in Gujarat K B Suri This study examines the growth pattern of small towns in Gujarat during three Census decades with the focus on the 1951-61 decade. The study seeks to (a) compare the growth of small towns with that of towns and cities of other sizes; and, (b) explain variations in the growth of small towns during 1951-61 in terms of (i) initial population of the town; (ii) economic structure of the town; (iiii) location of the town; and (iv) influence of the nearest city centre. Of the factors considered, the initial population base and the economic structure of the town and of the nearest city were found to be of little importance. The Ideational factors, on the other hand, appeared to exert an important influence on the growth of small towns.

Impact of an Expanding Metropolis-Bangalore A Study

Impact of an Expanding Metropolis Bangalore: A Study K B Suri This paper attempts, on the basis of available Census data, to ascertain the nature of the influence of Bangalore city on the surrounding urban settlements.

Towns Size, Economic Structure and Growth

K B Suri Studies on urban growth in India have generally suggested a positive relationship between size of towns and their growth, This article questions this hypothesis and attempts to indicate an alternative approach to explaining differences in the rates of growth of towns.

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