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Exploitation and Labour Theory of Value

Exploitation and Labour Theory of Value John E Roemer I AM grateful to Khalid Nadvi for providing me the opportunity to elaborate further upon contemporary Marxian economic analysis, in reply to his criticism of my book [Roemer, 1982] published last year in EPW [Nadvi, 1985]. Perhaps by coincidence, more likely by editorial design, an article of mine on methodological questions in Marxian social science was published in EPW just one week prior to Nadvi's attack [Roemer, 1985b]; that article contains many arguments I would otherwise present now against Nadvi. There remain, however, various points which I wish to argue against Nadvi's position.

Rational Choice Marxism-Some Issues of Method and Substance

'Rational Choice' Marxism Some Issues of Method and Substance John E Roemer In seeking to provide micro-foundations for behaviour which Marxists think are characteristic of capitalism, the tools par excellence are rational choice models; general equilibrium theory, game theory, and the arsenal of modelling techniques developed by neoclassical economics. With rational choice models, Marxian economics has made a good deal of progress in explaining mechanisms which lie behind otherwise apparently teteological claims.

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