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Should Women Be Ordained?

The priestly ordination of women, which the Vatican firmly rejected through an apostolic letter last year, can only amount to fulfilment of Christian faith and practice, not a violation of it.

Prostitution Laws

and Enforcement Practices Jean D'Cunha Prostitution as an institution can only be understood by exploring the economic and ideological base on which it rests. In the last four decades not only has the phenomenon reached alarming proportions but the forms of operation have changed as well. Militarisation, global impoverishment, development models pursued, etc, have alt had an impact on its growth. Governments all oyer the world have used the instrument of law as a means to deal with prostitutes and prostitution. This article attempts to examine the ideological underpinnings of these laws and their operation and how they affect all women.

Prostitution in a Patriarchal Society-A Critical Review of the SIT Act

The Suppressionof Immoral Traffic Act, passed in 1956 and enforced in 1958, was not the outcome of an independent and sustained mass movement in the country, but rather the result of India being a signatory to the United Nations International Convention for the Suppression of Traffic in Persons passed in 1950. The SIT Act did not seek to abolish prostitutes or prostitution per se and hence the practice of prostitution individually, independently and voluntarily by a women did not constitute an offence. However, certain sections of the Act conceived of the prostitute as an offender and criminalised the prostitute.

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