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Marxism of Labour or Property?

In telling his magnificent and masterly story of the science of political economy from the angle of production (modes of livelihood), whenever and wherever Marx considered the organisation of labour, he was essentially optimistic about the future. But when he considered the system of property he became pessimistic and gloomy, and foresaw only doom and class conflict, exploitation and downfall. Marx often made history progress by what he called its dark side, but we ought to take a new look at the brighter side of human work, labour and usage rather than simply the concept of property as ownership. This paper makes a plea for home-rule in the organisation of production, especially for labour, and does not attach the same or a greater importance to the modes of ownership of property as title in the market.

Technology of Obsolescence

Technology of Obsolescence J P S Uberoi The iron law which prevails today is that contemporary technological innovation displaces and replaces old with new technology after an ever-decreasing interval of time. How much longer can such a system of power and desire, utility and fashion continue to sustain

The Sciences and the Arts in the University

October 19, 1985 tion of, primarily, the unskilled and immobile poor.
Successive governments have promoted this movement of capital by both industrial and residential planning. Although in recent years, 'regional policy' has offered grants to businesses to locate in "depressed regions' (the North-East, Scotland, South Wales), these have had little effect, and have in any case been completely offset by government purchasing policies, notably in the huge defence sector, which is concentrated in the prosperous South-East. (Defence orders have run annually at ten times the level of regional aid.) The present government has now almost abandoned regional policy, putting its faith instead in a mostly exhortatory attempt to stimulate small business and self-employment in a de-regulated market. The effect on inner-city unemployment has been minimal. In Brixton, the giant US multinational British American Tobacco has helped to fund a small business Enterprise Centre', in a late attempt to foster a Black middle class. It has not been a success.

Towards a New Sociolinguistics-A Memoir of P B Pandit

Until his death in 1975, Prabodh Pandit was one of the foremost among modern Indian linguists and a pioneer in the expanding field of socio-linguistics in this country.

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