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Bangladesh: Refugees from Burma

Over 200,000 refugees from Burma have crossed over to Bangladesh during the past two months. Most of them have been housed in about 300 tented camps along the border. The Burmese authorities have been accused of persecution, torture, harassment and excesses against Muslim residents of the Ara- kan state. Refugees allege that they have been fleeing from "atrocities" committed by the Burmese Army and immigrant officials and that the Muslim minority in Arakan is being driven out deliberately. The Bangladesh government has lodged a strong protest against the "repressive measures resulting in the forcible expulsion of their nationals belonging to ethnic and religious minorities", and President Ziaur Rahman too has spoken about the "inhuman eviction of Burmese Muslim nationals".

BURMA-Elections in a One-Party State

inventors. According to the ORTAG management, already about $ 30 million has been spent on the development of its launcher using a relatively small team of about 40 engineers. The ORTAG managers are confident that once their launcher is ready for orbital mission by 1981, ORTAG will offer launching services at half the existing costs of NASA launchers- One of the main obstacles in the way of ORTAG activities was the United Nations Treaty on outer space which forbids an individual or a private firm from undertaking the exploration and exploitation of circum-terrestrial space without the sponsorship of a sovereign government. With the striking of a deal with Zaire, ORTAG has been able to overcome this obstacle. Mobutu, whose dubious role in the Angolan liberation War is by now well known, Is expressed his exhileration over "the emerging Cape Canaveral of Africa'.

ETHIOPIA-Horn of Africa Superpowers Manoeuvres

August 27, 1977 ETHIOPIA Horn of Africa: Superpowers' Manoeuvres J P Anand THE political situation in the Horn of Africa continues to be tense. Certain recent developments in the area

THE OCEANS-The Law of the Sea Conference

THE OCEANS The Law of the Sea Conference J P Anand THE First Law of the Sea Conference was convened in Geneva in 1958, which discussed mainly four conventions: territorial seas and contiguous zones; the high seas; the continental shelf; conservation. At the Second UN Conference on the Sea Law (Geneva, I960), an attempt was made to obtain an agreement on these matters but it did not succeed. However on December 31, 1968, the UN General Assembly endorsed the concept of sea outside national jurisdiction as "the common heritage of mankind". A treaty banning destructive weapons from oceanbed was negotiated at the UN on February 10, 1971.

LAND REFORM-Showing the Flag

traverse miles and miles to discover even a semblance of developmental activity; capital stock has been rapidly depleted; the people in whose name political shenanigans have been conducted have remained bereft of any future and cynical; even organised labour has languished and its political wings have been clipped by internecine quarrels. The educated youth have drifted into parasitic occupations, like pimping for tourists. Once in a while the somnolence of the society was shaken and the peace of the elite in power disturbed when the army of the unemployed became the army of the night. With raw courage and faith in the faith, they tried to make a tryst with their destiny in 1971. But bravura is no alias for a revolution. Then twilight set in. Now the young men and women are being released from the prisons, completely sterilised of any ideas of revolutionary action. Evolution has been blocked off alright, but where is revolution? Or is dissolution arrested revolution?

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