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Pitambar Pant An Appreciation

Pitambar Pant : An Appreciation PITAMBAR PANT passed away on February 26, 1973 after a prolonged illness borne with rare courage and dignity. It was an untimely end to a career of extraordinary dedication and much achievement. He was unquestionably one of the outstanding figures on Indian Planning. As head of the Perspective Planning Division, which he organised and which he led with such distinction for over 15 years, he played a key role in shaping India's plans during the Sixties. But perhaps his more lasting contribution was to establish in government a tradition of empirical analysis in planning and policy formulation. One hopes that this tradition, .still all too weak, will be nurtured as carefully by his successors. Both in and out of government, the sweep of Pitambar" s mind, the depth of his understanding of development problems, his transparent commitment and sincerity won him the admiration of his colleagues, friends and even opponents. Even after leaving the Commission in 1970, and despite failing health, his interest never flagged and almost to the end he was full of questions, ideas and plans for further work, Pitambar's public career dates back to 1942, when, soon after graduating with a Masters degree in physics, he was drawn into the Quit India Movement. Arrest and imprisonment followed shortly. While in prison he came into close contact with Nehru, Kripalani and other national leaders. He also functioned as Nehru's M

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