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Strategic Management of Development Programmes

September 22, 1984 Strategic Management of Development Programmes J K Satia Managing Development Programmes: The Lessons of Success by Samuel Paul; Westview Special Studies in Social, Political and Economic Development, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1982; pp 247, $ 20.

Management Interventions in Established Bureaucracies-A Case Study

Bureaucracies A Case Study Rushikesh Maru Nirmala Murthy J K Satia How do we evaluate the impact of experimental research mode of intervention? Three criteria can be applied.


of Kerala Joan P Mencher The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature of agrarian relations in the two main rice regions of Kerala, Kuttanad (a low-lying area covering parts of Alleppey, Kottayam and Quilon Districts) and Palghat, in order to examine one, forces interfering with production and, secondly, the elms relations that serve to impede a more equitable distribution of food and other commodities. The paper describes some of the striking contradictions in each area, and offers some tentative predictions for their future development.

Family Planning Workers and Problems of Programme Implementation

The Government of India has recently announced a national policy on population, with several measures to increase the general acceptance of the family planning programme. These measures include higher acceptor incentives, group incentives, multi-media communication strategy, and the offering of an integrated package of health, family planning and nutrition.

Population Policy and Redistribution of Income

C Rangarajan j K Satia Given the present level and pattern of distribution of income and the occupational structure of the economy, there may not be sufficient economic motivation for families below a certain consumption level to limit their size to the extent necessary for bringing about the desired reduction in the overall fertility levels. A congruence of economic motivation at the national level and at the family level is, therefore, necessary.

Bank Portfolio Management-A Linear Programming Approach

A Linear Programming Approach C Rangarajan J K Satia A linear programming model is presented here for determining the optimal portfolio of banks.

Cash Management in Banks

C Rangarajan J K Satia This article seeks to determine the optimum level of cash holding under two types of decision rules.
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