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Preparedness in Disaster Situations

Serious epidemics after the December 2015 floods in Chennai were averted by prompt preventive action initiated by the government which was supported by NGOs and citizen groups. This article highlights areas for improvement and initiates a dialogue around the theme of disaster preparedness and better coordinated relief efforts.

Transplantation of Human Organs Bill-Curate s Egg

all the same the salary bill is higher by Rs 81 crore.
The total salary bill of all the departments excluding TA and expenditure on work charged employees in 1994-95 is budgeted at Rs 4,100 crore which eats away almost the whole of state's own tax revenue. The salary bill rose by about Rs 500 crore in 1994-95 while tax revenue rose by less than Rs 400 crore. The total non-developmental expenditure (administrative services, pension and interest payment, etc) rose by Rs 970 crore in 1994-95 over the previous year while revenue receipts increased by Rs 413 crore. The government has been forced to cut down capital expenditure which declined from Rs 1,159 crore in 1993-94 (RE) to Rs 1,059 crore in 1994-95 (BE). The share of capital expenditure in the total expenditure has been constantly declining. The same has declined from 11 per cent in 1984-85 to 8 percent in 1990-91 and further to 5 percent in 1994-95. Net capital formation from budgetary resources also declined from IN May last a landmark bill was passed in the parliament, which, among other things, seeks to ban the illegal organs trade that is so prevalent in this country. This bill was widely welcomed by the press and a large section of doctors who were disgusted by the way the organs smuggling, especially kidney smuggling, was taking place in this country.

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