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Injectable Contraceptive

Injectable Contraceptive Further Considerations Iris Kapil A NUMBER of articles have appeared in EPW during the past year and a half on the international controversy over the injectable contraceptive. Padma Prakash, in 'Retreat on Depo-Provera?1 reported and endorsed a decision by the United States Food and Drug Administration's Board of Inquiry to recommend against approval for Depo- Provera for use as a contraceptive. Depo- Provera (medroxyprogesterone or DMPA) is the brandname of one, but not the only, three-month injectable contraceptive available for use. Another, NET-EN (norethin- drone enanthate), has been, and continues to be, tested and evaluated in India and elsewhere. NET-EN is now widely used in many countries.

Case for Injectible Contraceptive

Case for Injectible Contraceptive Iris Kapil THE article "Retreat on Depo-Provera?" by Padma Prakash (1984a) raises an issue of great importance, one that deserves public examination and discussion. I am writing to give fuller information and a different perspective than was presented in the article and also to explain why I think your readers should become better informed about Depo-Provera.

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