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Bihar s Most Wretched

Indu Bharti Recent surveys have again pointed to the fact that the bonded labour system persists in Bihar. But successive governments in the state have either denied it or, when forced to admit its persistence, have taken few effective steps to deal with the problem.

BIHAR-Farce of Farm Wages Hike

Farce of Farm Wages Hike Indu Bharti SIX months ago, the Mishra government through an executive fiat had raised the minimum wages of agricultural labourers from Rs 10 to Rs 15. Nobody, however, has as yet asked Mishra about how the fiat will be implemented when wages even at the earlier rates were not being paid.

Bihar New Government, New Hope

paper had stated: "The bonded labour system is one acute manifestation of this phenomenon of near serfdom surviving through centuries. Two-thirds of the bonded labourers in the country belong to the Scheduled Castes".

Mobilisation of Agricultural Labour-Jehanabad Experience

Jehanabad Experience Indu Bharti While agricultural labourers in Jehanabad have been organised as an independent class force, the next logical step, i e, forging unity between agricultural labourers and middle peasants, has not been taken. As a result, the agrarian movement in Jehanabad, the unprecedented mobilisation of agricultural labourers notwithstanding, is as of now stagnant.

BIHAR-Dalits Gain New Izzat

Dalits Gain New Izzat Indu Bharti For the Dalits in Bihar the significance of the last Lok Sabha and assembly elections lay not so much in the seats won and votes polled by political parties representing them as in the fact that for the first time hundreds of thousands of Dalits cast their votes, resisting threats to their lives and defeating the upper castes' murderous booth-capturing campaign. This has given the Dalits a new izzat (dignity).

Harlakhi and Lakhwar Killings-Fall-Out of Assembly Elections

The common feature of the two incidents of massacre of Dalits in Harlakhi and Lakhwar is the collusion of the Congress(I) and the local administration.

Bihar Ballot Expected Outcome

district whose rags to riches story would reveal a most unedifying saga of chicanery and deceit. This sub-committee has had discussions with civil liberties organisations and sundry intellectuals about the problems besetting the poor, the inefficacy of the government's welfare machinery, and the consequent upsurge of 'extremism'. The fruits of its labours in the form a report is awaited, and will no doubt contain illuminating suggestions for the improvement of the lot of the poor.

Bihar Elections Violence Inevitable

Whatever be the composition of the Vidhan Sabha after February 27, the elections will undoubtedly be marked by violence what with several criminals in the fray and the aggravation of caste rivalries.

BIHAR-Election-Eve Promises

Sooner than expected, Sri Lanka would be asked to explain its "breach of trust" vis-a-vis India.
Finally, Nepal. Unlike the last time, when Nepal's foreign minister, S K Upadhyaya, was sent back from Delhi on the ground that he did not carry enough weight with his government to negotiate the Indo-Nepalese treaty, this time he was shown all the courtesies due to an honoured guest. Upadhyaya was very pleased with his meeting with the prime minister and the external affairs minister who regretted at a dinner hosted in his honour that Indo-Nepal relations had been subjected to undue strains and tensions. One would have expected that this would be followed by some goodwill gesture on India's part, like reopening the transit points closed by the previous government. This did not materialise. Instead, V P Singh; qualified his earlier stand by saying that his government's desire to improve relations should make Nepal "sensitive to our security interest". Meanwhile, some MPs demanded that Nepal must restore democracy before any talks were held for the renewal of trade and transit treaties.

BIHAR-Politics of Anti-Reservation Stir

Politics of Anti-Reservation Stir Indu Bharti The anti-reservation agitation is an attempt by the Congress(I) to break the Rajput-backward class alliance in support of the Janata Dal which played an important part in the latter's victory in the Lok Sabha elections. In this effort the Congress(I) has the support of the BJP.

BIHAR-Rearranged Political Mosaic

Rearranged Political Mosaic Indu Bharti In Bihar, where the feudal ethos is still predominant, mass support cannot be expected for the left ideology and the left parties at the present stage. Even so, the historical presence of the left in the state led the voters to prefer the Janata Dai a backward caste-dominated party with a rural mass base, to the BJP, unlike in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where the left movement is almost non-existent.

Bhagalpur Riots and Bihar Government

Indu Bharti Certain facts about the recent communal killings in Bihar stand out very clearly. The state government permitted Ram shila processions to pass through sensitive areas and that too with lethal weapons and raising offensive slogans. The police force encouraged and even participated in the violence when it erupted. Finally, any preventive action on the part of the state government was totally lacking.


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