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End of News Censorship for Prisoners in Bihar

1990-91, The ratio of demand and time deposits worked out to 25.2 per cent and 748 per cent in 1991-92 as compared with 17.6 per cent and 82.4 per cent in the previous year. The accretion to aggregate deposits during the year was more or less steady in the major part of the year, except in the last week when there was a surge of Rs 4,182 crore reflecting efforts at window-dressing as the year drew to a close.

Bihar s Bane Slow Progress on Land Reforms

The roots of the current trend of violence and vandalism on the one hand and agrarian unrest on the other in Bihar must be located in the state's dismal record on land reforms.

Fighting the Irrigation Mafia in Bihar

Fighting the Irrigation Mafia in Bihar Indu Bharti Chief minister Laloo Prasad and the irrigation minister in his cabinet are currently engaged in a determined effort, in the teeth of opposition from MLAs of their own party as well, to bring to heel the irrigation mafia which has over the years defrauded the state exchequer of hundreds of crores of rupees in the construction, maintenance and repair of flood control embankments.

Lok Sabha Elections Message from Bihar

Lok Sabha Elections: Message from Bihar Indu Bharti Though the country may be suffering from a fractured polity characterised by cynicism, confusion and a tendency for the voters to get swayed by non-issues, the people of Bihar chose in the recent Lok Sabha elections to vote on real issues which affect their day-to-day lives and accordingly gave a clear mandate to the NF-Left combine.

Bihar s Dams, Tribals Woes

Indu Bharti Sustained people's protest may well result in the stalling of the Koel-Karo project. But several other similar projects continue to be constructed in the State with little concern for the oustees, who are mostly tribals.

BIHAR-Death in Coal Mafia s Den

Death in Coal Mafia's Den Indu Bharti The violent death of Randhir Verma, an SP, during a bank dacoity in Dhanbad raises unwholesome issues. And the prime minister's visit to the area as a personal guest of a coal mafia don soon afterwards is even more chilling in its implications.

BIHAR-Centre against Bihar

dollar-mark rate surged to a new nine- month high. Only heavy central bank selling checked the rapid rise of the currency. The dollar's recent behaviour seems to have belittled the role of exchange rate as an asset market stock price, The currency's strength is said to have been based on the optimism permeating the exchange market that the US economy is experiencing a very shallow recession and that with the BIHAR Centre against Bihar Indu Bharti There has been a continuing traffic of Central ministers, including the prime minister himself, to Bihar with the explicit purpose of manoeuvring the ouster of the State government.

Freeing the Ganga Waters

Indu Bharti Bihar has finally abolished the 'panidari' system by which fisher folk and others plying their trade on a long stretch of the Ganga in Bhagalpur district had to pay debilitating taxes to overlords who claimed to 'own' the waters since Mughal times.

BIHAR-Survival against Heavy Odds

Survival against Heavy Odds Indu Bharti Chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav has succeeded in bringing a measure of stability and earnestness to the governance of chronically mismanaged Bihar But since in the process he has upset a variety of vested interests, the latter are using their political representatives to try to pull down his government.

The Bihar Formula

Indu Bharti The currently much-cited reservation policy of Bihar with its added economic criteria and its built-in mechanism for progressively excluding those who move up is a possible answer to the current impasse on the Mandal Report.

Power Generation at Cost of People

allegiance to his party back to the Janata. The non-Lingayats are disorganised and demoralised. Their tragedy is that they must unite or forever play second fiddle to the Lingayats. This means the sacrifice of legitimate personal and caste ambitions and willing submission to a common leader, subsuming separate objectives. The call for a leader imposed by Rajiv Gandhi is proof of their dilemma. It is a herculean task to discover and foster true internal democracy in such a disparate band.

Doctors or Mercenaries

Indu Bharti The demand of Bihar's junior doctors who are on strike yet again, the third time in a year, is for the lifting of the ban on private practice, a ban which has in any case never been implemented.


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