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Getting Rid Of Child Labour

This paper, based on a quantitative empirical cross-country study, provides policy insights to the tackling of the root causes of child labour. The econometric model applied explains for a substantial proportion of the cross-country variations in child labour. The elasticities estimated would enable us to forecast the percentage change in the employment of child labour resulting from a given percentage change in any one of the explanatory variables consisting of the level of development (GNP per capita), poverty, income inequality, school enrolment, parental education, dominance of agriculture and age structure of the population. The range of policy options for combatting child labour is indeed large and the weights to be attached to the individual elements of the socio-economic policy package is clearly guided by the explanatory power of each of the above causal factors.

Technology and Feminisation of Work

Iftikhar Ahmed As a response to the twin challenges of feminisation of work and the feminisation of poverty, a combination of multiple policy strategies have been suggested for boosting women's productivity, expanding women's employment opportunities, raising income levels in women's jobs and mobilising women into participatory groups. What is the role of technology in this context?

Labour, Use in Dynamic Agriculture-Evidence from Punjab

Evidence from Punjab A S Oberai Iftikhar Ahmed This paper, based on data gathered in a household survey carried out in 26 selected villages of Ludhiana district of Punjab, seeks to measure the impact on labour utilisation of various levels of mechanisation, the prevailing agrarian structure and migration.

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