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UNITED KINGDOM-The Ponting Case A Civil Servant s Duty

anything to the outsiders.
The visitors who have bustled about the village in broad daylight and learned little more than a jumble of inconsequentials leave. The shadowy half light of early morning or fire-lit night, which is the context of most of the film's events, descends once again on the village as it resumes its savage relationships. Sanjeevan, who has shown signs of not being a passive victim, is falsely accused of murder and rape. The long trial in court is punctuated by his wife's silent journeys across the river, to court and back to the village. And there is one more sombre night after Sanjeevan gets the death sentence.

AFGHANISTAN- Famine Threat in Mujahidin Areas

during the year, as compared to 13.0 per cent in 1982-83. High demand for jute goods also supported this trend. The inflationary pressure of a few agricultural and agro-based commodities on the wholesale price index had a greater impact on consumer prices, since in the consumer price index compilation the above commodities have the greater weight. Thus on a point-to-point basis, the consumer price index recorded a growth of 11.2 per cent in 1983-84. By comparison, the index had risen by 9.8 per cent and 8.8 per cent, respectively, in 1982-83 and 1981-82. The consumer price index, which was increasing from February 1983, had reached 561 in November 1983, recording an increase of 11,8 per cent during March-November 1983

UNITED KINGDOM-Editorial Davids Proprietorial Goliath

UNITED KINGDOM Editorial Davids Proprietorial Goliath Ian Maxwell DONALD TRELFORD's recent triumph in defending his independence as editor of the London Observer against its proprietor's interference in editorial policy would be envied by editors of Indian newspapers who work under the Damocletian sword of their proprietors' illwill.

Official Secrets A British Disease

Official Secrets: A British Disease?
Ian Maxwell "INFORMATION is light" declares a war photographer in rationalisation of his colleague's futile death in Tom Stoppards play about the British press, "Day and Night''. "Information, in itself, about anything, is light.'' The Guardian has, in recent weeks, suffered for its illumination of the workings of the Conservative government as it bumped sharply and painfully against the legal barricades erected by the British State

HONGKONG- Why China Wants Control

January 7,1984 around Berlin' which, it says, remains of "fundamental :importance to East- West relations''. Such a situation, it is pointed out, continues to depend in particular on the strict observance and full implementation of the Quadrapar- tite Agreement of September 3, 1971. "The Allies hope that the further development of co-operation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic will benefit Berlin and the people in both States in Germany and will strengthen peace in Europe in the current state of international relations." The inclusion of this paragraph in the final communique is looked upon as a success by the West German government. The much-feared 'ice-age' in East- West German relations has not been ushered in, despite the deployment decision in Bonn. In fact, both Chancellor Helmut Kohl and President Erich Honecker have been talking of a Verantwortungsgemeinsohaft between the. two German States which should constitute a community of responsibility for peace in Europe. Honecker has also spoken of reducing the consequences of deployment

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