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Discussion: 'Linking Excesses in NRC Process to Assamese Xenophobia Is Unwarranted'

The false narrative of Assamese "xenophobia" stinks, and today, except the Hindutva camp, no mainstream Assamese organisation propagates racist or communal agenda in the state.

Assam Election Results

"Victory for Identity Politics, Not Hindutva in Assam" by Udayon Misra (EPW, 28 May 2016) echoes the general tenor of remarks on the striking election results in the local press and other media. As the disillusionment of the masses with the Congress turned into bitter hatred and there was no concrete alternative from the left parties, a master stroke of Bharatiya Janata Party tacticians created a wave of anti-Congress fervour by roping in regional ethnic parties.

Making of the Mizo Identity

Being Mizo: Identity and Belonging in Northeast India by Joy L K Pachuau, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014; pp 290 , Rs 895.

Resignation at NMML

It is distressing that Mahesh Rangarajan, the dynamic and energetic director of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, has been forced to put in his papers by circumstances that suggest some kind of arm-twisting by forces bent on bringing all national institutions of importance under one vulgar i

On the Origins of Nationalist Pseudo-Science

There is much more than meets the eye in the “cultural” nationalist propaganda on the imaginary achievements of ancient Hindu science (“The Nationalism of Pseudo-Science”, EPW, 20 December 2014).

A Note on Recent Ethnic Violence in Assam

The complexity of the recent ethnic violence in Assam has its roots going as far back as the early 20th century. With the various ethnic militant outfits having no clear-cut policy regarding the other groups, while some demonstrate a knee-jerk reaction leading to horrendous acts of ethnic cleansing, there seems to be no other thought than domination of the Other. A democratic perspective is singularly missing. What is the centre's outlook on these contentious issues?

Confusion about 'Violence'

For the last two to three decades I have seen “violence” become an abstruse subject for umpteen numbers of learned articles and treatises. This, I believe, is the product of a positivist mindset, which becomes immersed in an uncritical contemplation of violence per se.

Did Lenin Distort Marx?

Chattopadhyay's (EPW, 15 December 2012) impatient utopianism needs to be called into question. Lenin had a deep understanding of the ground reality of Russia in the immediate aftermath of the revolution, and in this context, there was no question of moving towards statelessness during the period of transition to socialism.

Revolution or Rebellion?

Days and Nights in the Heartland of Rebellion by Gautam Navlakha (New Delhi: Penguin), 2012; pp 272,Rs 299.


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