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Struggle for Namibia

like to convert the proceeds into assets that would bring them an income when oil runs out But the investment opportunities open to them are unsatisfactory. They have invested heavily within their frontiers, but most of the investments for which they have been able to attract technology and management from abroad are dependent on cheap oil and gas

EAST AFRICA-Warring Neighbours

EAST AFRICA Warring Neighbours Hari Sharan Chhabra THE undeclared war between Tanzania and Uganda, in which both the countries are blaming each other for aggression, shows the endemically bad blood between the two neighbours. There have been flare-ups between them on several occasions, but the situation created by the present war is rather complicated, with Uganda claiming that it has seized about 1,800 sq km of Tanzanian territory, west of Lake Victoria. The situation has become further confused because, according to President Idi Amin, Ugandan forces occupied Tanzanian territory in retaliation against the capture of 1,000 sq km of Ugandan territory by the Tanzanian troops. For good measure, the Ugandan President has also alleged that Tanzania, with the help of Britain and the United States, has been involved in a plot to overthrow him. Uganda now asserts that river Kagaera is the new natural boundary between the two countries.

SOUTHERN AFRICA-Urgency of Oil Embargo

Bangladesh so far, it has received sympathy and support only from some Islarmal countries like Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia and some SOON after Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence in November 1965, Britain imposed embargo on the supply of oil to the rebel regime as called upon by the United Nations; and Harold Wilson, then British Prime Minister, confidently declared that the Rhodesian rebellion would be over "within weeks, ra- ther than months". More than 12 years have passed since that confident assertion and Ian Smith's Government is still there without any sign of collapsing. The reason is that despite the embargo, oil has been reaching Rhodesia steadily via South Africa. Had the oil sanctions been effective the rebellion would have ended long ago; for it was known in 1965 that the Smith regime had stockpiled oil to last just six months.

KENYA-Amidst the Encircling Boom

238 gives rise to alpha particles, the Uranium-235 produces intense radioactive cloud.
One fact does emerge, though out of the Cosmos mishap: despite their cut- throat rivalry the superpowers are prepared to shed their differences in the hour of crisis to save themselves from universal opprobrium.

SOUTHERN AFRICA-Western Anxieties

partment has issued notices to its Class IV employees for payment of rent with arrears for the quarters allotted to them. Previously they had been exempted from paying rent. The Government Transport Service (GTS) Union had been provided an office by the administration in Gujrat. The Local Martial Law Administrator (MLA) abused the workers and attempted to force the union to vacate the offices by invoking the ban on trade union activities. The union managed to obtain a stay order from the Senior Civil Judge in spite of the attitude of the MLA.

ETHIOPIA-Soviet Union in a Fix

ETHIOPIA Soviet Union in a Fix Hari Sharan Chhabra THE "full-scale war" between Ethiopia and Somalia must be posing a most embarrassing situation to the Soviet Union, as both the combatants are armed with Soviet weapons. Even more embarrassingly, Soviet advisers are said to be directing the operations on both sides.

AFRICA-Rehabilitating Kwame Nkrumah

are no better-off than prisoners "During the last few weeks, the rest of the Palestinians, known as 'saloon-Palestinians' among Fatah quarters, are being activated: they hold meetings and discussions, but many Palestinians are of the view that that they represent the voice of the host countries and not of Palestine", say these sources. As to what turn the events would take in the coming months and years, it is stated, "Palestinians resident in Lebanese camps, who have had to bear the main burden of the war against Israel know just this; if they lay down arms, as Syria and other Arab states want THE late Kwame Nkrumah will go down in African history as the founder of modern Ghana, a relentless lighter against colonialism and racialism and an ardent advocate of African unity. No other African contributed so much to the cause of projecting the African personality as he did. But his popularity in his own country, Ghana, which at times came close to adulation, was shattered overnight, when on February 24, 1966 some ambitious army officers overthrew him as president, during his absence from the country. All bis contributions to his motherland and to the cause of Africa were at once forgetten. This once charismatic personality was made to look like a corrupt dictator, with all kinds of wild charges and allegations levelled to belittle him in the eyes of his people.

SOUTH AFRICA- The Homelands Fraud

has been aptly described as one in which a lack-lustre opposition tried to replace a complacent government.
However, though not the policies, the outlook and consequently the emphasis differ. Helmut Schmidt will have to be very statesmanlike if he is to achieve a working arrangement with Helmut Kohl


concluded that "Christianity is fundamentally a message of liberation for all men. The Christians are, therefore, free to use Marxism as a method of analysis of reality without in any way renouncing the faith".

ANGOLA-Aftermath of Colonialism

ANGOLA Aftermath of Colonialism Hari Sharan Chhabra LEFT to itself, Angola today would have been an economic giant dictating terms to world powers. That the country is on the verge of starvation speaks volumes for how colonialism can ravage a nation's economy and stunt its growth. For four centuries Portugal schemed to keep down Angola's growth, and when its withdrawal from the country became inevitable, other colonisers fanned a futile internecine civil war that has reduced the economy to a shambles.

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