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China and Iraq-Patterns of Interaction, 1960-1992

Patterns of Interaction, 1960-1992 Hafizullah Emadi With the deradicalisation of its domestic and foreign policy in the post- Mao era, China has reorientated its Iraq policy in order to aid domestic modernisation programmes. This article surveys China's changing relations with Iraq from the 1960s.

Women s Emancipation and Strategy of Development in Albania

of Development in Albania Hafizullah Emadi Albania's considerable success in improving the status of women is due to a policy perspective which incorporates goals of women's emancipation in the broader objectives of progressive development With her father's old rifle... she wanted to kill her put, to gain freedom, and to open the way to a new life

State, Modernisation and Rebellion-US-Soviet Politics of Domination of Afghanistan

US-Soviet Politics of Domination of Afghanistan Hafizullah Emadi This paper studies the formation of the state and its role in socio-economic and political development of Afghanistan and examines how the struggle among various socio-political forces within the state apparatus led to alliances with superpowers. The paper further explores how the United States and the Soviet Union tried to draw Afghanistan into their respective spheres of influence and how the Soviet Union having failed to achieve its hegemonic project around a dominant faction of the ruling class within the state apparatus resorted to the use of force and occupied the country in December 1979.

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