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The Entrepreneur, Technician and Manager in Small-Scale Units

in Small-Scale Units H N Pathak The small-scale industries sector was encouraged with a number of socio-economic goals in view. With the sector here to stay, empirical studies of different aspects of the sector may be pertinent now, in order to assess and redesign the policy measures which were aimed to .develop the small-scale industries.

Drug Price Control An Evaluation

This payer sets out to achieve the following three objectives: (1) to develop a framework for examining the problem of price control in the context of the drug industry; (2) to use this framework for considering whether there is a conflict between the short-term and the long-term benefits of the price control to the consumer; and (3) to use this framework again to analyse the Tariff Commission Report and the Position Paper on Drug Prices submitted by the OPPL Lack of adeqaate empirical data made it difficult to achieve the second objective. In our analysis of the Tariff Commission's Report and the OPPI Position Paper, it became evident that there was considerable difference of opinion between the two on what should be the 'adequate rate of return1 and on methodology for its measurement These differences are discussed in detail.

Small-Scale Industries in Ludhiana

H N Pathak Several studies have been made with different bases, such as caste, community, type of industry, location, historical background, form of enterprise, etc, to discover the factors relevant to industrial growth in a particular sector or region. The purpose is to see if a broad and inclusive causal nexus of industrial development can emerge.

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