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Towards Gender Just Laws

Towards Gender Just Laws Geetanjali Gangoli Gopika Solanki THE position paper presented by the Anveshi Law Team (EPW, March 1-8,1997:453-58) is a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate on gender just laws. As activists in the women's movement we agree with their critique of the conceptualisation, formulation and implementation of law and the legal process. We also share their concerns about the ways in which several significant issues have been co-opted by mainstream bodies such as the state and the hindutva forces.

The Official Discourse Around PITA

The Official Discourse Around PITA Gopika Solanki Gitanjali Gangoli Official discourse on prostitution legislative and legal debates and judicial attitudes reveals a disturbing ambivalence towards the practitioners and the profession. Not surprisingly, laws on prostitution are formulated to neither give justice to prostitutes nor eradicate prostitution. Moreover, the ambivalence often results in the prostitutes, already oppressed and abused at various levels of society, being further subjected to demeaning treatment at the hands of the state aonaratus.

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