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Urban and Regional Transformations

Urban and Regional Planning and Development: 20th Century Formations and 21st Century Transformations edited by Rajiv R Thakur, Ashok K Dutt, Sudhir K Thakur and George M Pomeroy, Springer Nature Switzerland, 2019; pp xiv + 546, 9,726 (hardcover).


A Call for Paradigm Shift

There are many reasons why states will be better off working with each other rather than be in perennial competition. For that to happen we need to develop institutional mechanisms and an appropriate set of incentives.

Recasting Chandigarh Municipal Corporation

It is necessary for the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to adopt a visionary approach, rather than ad hoc measures, if it is to ensure the sustainability of its plans for the city.

Pattern of City Literacy

Cities differ strikingly in literacy rates which are related to their location, function, population composition and size. Their literacy rates also have a strong association with the literacy patterns of the areas in which they are located. Cities with a sophisticated industrial base or with a pre-eminence of administrative and educational services display higher literacy rates. Low literacy rates are characteristic of cities in which Muslims or Scheduled Castes form a substantial segment of the population. Broadly speaking, south Indian cities are distinguished by higher literacy rates than the north Indian ones.

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