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Reflections and Interventions

Reflections and Interventions Gail Omvedt Reflections on the Women's Movement in India: Religion, Ecology, Development by Gabriele Dietrich; Horizon India Books, New Delhi, 1992;

Shetkari Sanghatana s New Direction

US under its laws, going so far as to stipulate that the laws of other countries should be amended on this basis. The US administration has found it convenient to put India prominently in the list of offending countries under super 301 and special 301 of its trade law. In the event of India failing to fall in line in the GAIT negotiations, the threat of trade sanctions against India would loom large. Faced with a difficult balance of payments position and anxious to promote exports at all costs, the danger of the Indian government succumbing to the mounting pressure in the GATT round has thus tended to grow. The open advocacy by influential bureaucrats, the most notable among them being India's ambassador in Washington, Abid Hussain and businessmen with strong collaboration links with multinationals, who articulate their stand through Assocham, has in recent weeks queered the pitch for the government in the GATT negotiations.

Forces of Production and Agrarian Change

Forces of Production and Agrarian Change Gail Omvedt The Political Economy of Agrarian Change: Nanchilnadu, 1880-1939 by MSS Pandian; Sage, New Delhi, 1990; pp 192, Rs 175.

Gandhi and Ambedkar

Gandhi and Ambedkar Gail Omvedt The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume I: Civilisation, Politics and Religion; Volume II: Truth and Nonviolence edited by Raghavan Iyer; The Clarendon Press, Oxford.

Movement for Water-Takari Peasants Struggle in Maharashtra

Takari Peasants' Struggle in Maharashtra Gail Omvedt Bharat Patankar The people of Khanapur taluka in Maharashtra have been agitating against a government irrigation scheme supposedly aimed at abolishing drought in the region. In reality, the scheme will only make a few villages prosperous leaving the rest untouched.

Four Anna Socialism-Relation of Industry and Agriculture in India

The political economy of India might well be characterised as 'four anna socialisms-socialism not in the sense of representing the equalitarian communist ideal, but in sharing significant features of the regimes that have now fallen in eastern Europe.

Twice-Born Riot against Democracy

Any caste based reservation system, in this case the Mandal Commission, has to be judged in terms of what it can do and not in terms of what it is not supposed to do—and in this case its goal is the limited but important one of ending caste monopoly in public sector jobs. 

Women, Zilla Parishads and Panchayat Raj-Chandwad to Vitner

Vitner, remote village in Maharashtra's Jalgaon district, voted a women's panel in the gram panchayat elections and chose a woman as sarpanch. And Vitner's peasants went even beyond women's political power and took up the problem of women's economic rights. 127 families actually turned over legal property rights to women.

Women and Ecology

Women and Ecology Gail Omvedt THIS is written in response to DN's critique (EPW, April 14) of Vandana Shiva's (VS) book Staying Alive. DN's note was of course not so much cast in the form of a polemical attack as in the form of providing additional information based on considerable experience among Jharkhand adivasis; nevertheless it was a critique, one written with the purpose of extending a very important debate on women and ecology. In the same spirit, I would like to respond to some points.

Greening India

Greening India Gail Omvedt Towards Green Villages: A Strategy for Environmentally-Sound and Participatory Rural Development by Anil Agrawal and Sunita Narain; Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, 1989.

Hinduism and Politics

This paper examines the role of 'Hinduism' in the course of socio-historical development in the Indian subcontinent, how there has been a gradual process of construction of a 'Hindu', community and one of rendering it increasingly militant.


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