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Small-Scale Chemical Industry in Gujarat-Structure, Conduct and Performance

This is an empirical study based on the primary data from a sample of 208 small-scale chemical units in Gujarat for the years 1986 through 1990. The details on the various dimensions of the structure, conduct and performance are presented and the nexus among them is examined. The findings suggest no unique relationship among structure, conduct and performance. However, each of middle age, partnership form of organisation and location in Barodal Ahmedabad districts has, in general, proved a beneficial structural feature from the point of view of performance.

Agricultural Prices Policy and Farm Incomes

G S Gupta Agriculture provides employment to about 70per cent of India's population and generates about 50 per cent of the national income. Further, its relative position in this respect has not changed favourably and significantly in the last two decades. This clearly indicates the importance of agriculture and the relative poverty of farmers in the country.

Economies of Scale in Cement Industry

Economies of Scale in Cement Industry G S Gupta This paper investigates whether there are economies of scale in the Indian cement industry. It, therefore, estimates cost-output (sales) relationships, using the time series and the cross-section data, and at the industry level and the firm level.

Interest Sensitiveness of Deposits in India

Interest Sensitiveness of Deposits in India G S Gupta On the assumption that both demand and supply play a role in determining the price and quantity of the commodity in question, a study of interest sensitiveness of deposits must consider both the demand and the supply of deposits. Deposits may be said to be supplied by banks and demanded by the non- bank private sector.

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