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Porto Alegre

The Third World Social Forum at Porto Alegre that ended recently drew even larger numbers of participants than its predecessors. They were people of all ages, of differing propensities drawn together simply by their desire to unite against the threat posed by global capital. Its triumph was due to a confluence of factors - the international justice movement that forms a salient plank of the movement was now conjoined to the large-scale anti-war demonstrations and anti-imperial protests.

United States: The Debt Mountain

A possible war launched by the US in Iraq is projected to cost $ 400 bn, even as the rising tide of debt and sharp fall in savings rate threaten to undermine the financial structure of the US.

The Global Corporation: Road to Serfdom

What the pathological tempo of concentrated wealth encapsulated in the global corporation unmasks is that the system is out of control. The concentration and centralisation of capital manifested in the global corporation is transpiring in the context of one of international capitalism's most critical crises.

HONG KONG CHINA-A Binding Future

HONG KONG/CHINA A Binding Future Frederic Clairmont The economic integration of Hong Kong and China is well under way. The ties that bind them ethnic, economic and political will not be loosened in the years ahead. Rather that inexorably, they will grow even tighter as their economies are propelled into the next millennium.

UNITED KINGDOM-Major s Last Stand

Not all questions found answers; all controversies were not resolved; all personal equations were not straightened out. Quite a few of the participants felt that the deliberations of the meeting should have had some structure, should have focused on some specifics rather than been allowed such an open, free-wheeling run. But there were also those who felt that any predetermined structure would have inevitably left out some points which participants might deem relevant. That had in fact happened on some occasions in the past when more or less UNITED KINGDOM similar discussions were organised. The question whether such a discussion should seek to reach -an agreement on a specific programme of action to be launched immediately, generated quite a sharp difference of views. But there seemed to be no doubt that at the end of it all, the general feeling was that an unusually wide field had been purposefully explored, important conceptual/ideological as well as operational issues had been identified and the ground prepared for a more structured examination of and definitive formulations on such issues in the not too distant future. That, it was felt, was no mean achievement.

Yeltsin The Death Rattle

Frederic Clairmont The first stage in the debacle of Yeltsin and his caste was partially achieved in the parliamentary elections in December 1995, but what remains to be galvanised is the final liquidation of Yeltsin's foreign- imposed economic dogmas. In the battle for the mind and soul of Russia, no election thus far fought will have tested the resolve of the Russian people, and indeed of the peoples of the former Soviet Union as a whole, as those of June 15.

Chirac Resurrection for Whom

Frederic Clairmont In no other country does the bourgeoisie act so swiftly and decisively, when it perceives itself to be threatened, as in France and, in the absence of any authentic left opposition, Chirac today sits atop a political pyramid that is unquestionably solid. But that solidity has to be viewed in the context of global forces in which a bourgeois France and its political bosses remain insignificantly minor players.

Dollar Empire Logic of Decay

Frederic Clairmont The punch-drunk dollar is on the ropes and its central role in the monetary galaxy raises crucial questions about the very survivability of capitalism. Five years after the collapse of the Wall where are the protagonists of the New Economic Order chanting the glories of unadulterated economic liberalism? The mythology of free trade has been torn to shreds. The logic of the dollar's decay helps us to understand why.

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