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UNITED KINGDOM-Election Prospects

ACCORDING to the opinion polls, the Conservatives have a 21 per cent lead in the general elections scheduled for May 3. All they need to achieve a majority in the House of Commons is a four per cent lead over the Labour Party throughout the country. The lead that the polls give the Tories is tantamount to a Tory majority of 200 in the House. The main issues in the forthcoming election are waffle. The Tories have declared themselves for 'freedom'; the Labour Party for 'fairness and justice'.

UNITED KINGDOM-Shifty Shadow behind Sunny Jim

UNITED KINGDOM Shifty Shadow behind Sunny Jim Farrukh Dhondy IN political maths, two and two can often make less than one and a half. When two parties in the British parliament make a rough pact, a sort of informal coalition, their additive legislative strength is off-set by a loss of faith and support, not only in the country, but in the House itself. The Labour-Liberal pact, formed under duress in March, begins to look, a month, a by-election and a budget later,, like a suicide deal for both Prime Minister Callaghan and the Liberal leader David Steel.

UNITED KINGDOM- Bloody Carnival

September 25, 1976 UNITED KINGDOM Bloody Carnival Farrukh Dhondy BRITAIN has its own Soweto, and fears it. On the bank holiday which marks the end of August a full blown urban riot took place on the streets of Notting Hill, London. 325 policemen were sent to hospital with injuries, shops were looted, police vehicles were stoned. The Metropolitan Police faced their first major defeat at the hands of young British West Indians. It happened at the end of Carnival, the only black festival of national significance to enliven the ghetto annually.

UNITED KINGDOM-Beyond the Politics of Self-Defence

UNITED KINGDOM Beyond the Politics of Self-Defence THOUGH the newspapers no longer carry stories about racial assults and murders on the streets of Britain, the moment of tension that the country experienced earlier this year has by no means passed. In May and June it seemed that the racist lobby in the State, in the media and in the community, had energised itself to make very definite gains. The National Front, the National Party and some sections of the Labour and Conservative patties were using the race divide to win by- elections and populist stature In local and Central government. In parliament they were attempting to push legislation to stop immigration, regardless of the fact that it has stopped anyway. In government agencies, the battles succeeded in replacing racial 'liberals' with racial conservatives.

UNITED KINGDOM- United against the Blacks

United against the Blacks Farrukh Dhondy THE new Race Relations Act of this Labour Government passed uneventfully through its last stages in the House of Commons. The numbing sensationalism of Enoch Powell's latest outburst on race was the only newsworthy item of the debate. Powell came out of the dark shadows of innuendo and abuse and delineated his political programme on race. The same evening speaking to a chamber of Commerce in a garden suburb, Powell went further. He defined his philosophy and the logic of his political platform. No good tinkering with welfare or fighting over he said. No hope for Britain, econo- pally or otherwise, until it rectified the aberrations it has suffered in its concepts of nationhood. Like other populist fascists before him. Powell allowed his political programme to flow from a mythological assertion about a sacrosanct idea of Britishness.

UNITED KINGDOM-Blacks Defend Themselves

bad with private credit being used as an effective lever for their exploitation. The panchayat raj system sharpened factionalism in the rural areas. Factions led mainly by well-to-do farmers competed for the loyalty of the; rural poor, who were able to get at least some of their demands met in return. It was during this period that in several villages the scheduled castes were able to gain some social recognition

UNITED KINGDOM-Social Contract Has Its Way

apartheid is morally an evil thing. But when they think of dividends they dither. This is a kind of cor- ruption.
Q: Do you think that after Kissinger's African tour, it would come to a concerted action from the western world?

FRANCE-Once More to the Streets

same time have made it implicit that the area can no longer be relegated on the agenda of West Asian issues to the position of being an issue that will be resolved some day. An Israeli initia tive is now more than ever necessary; otherwise there will be widescale disturbances and bloodshed. The verdict of the West Bank should be respected if peace has to prevail.

SOUTHERN AFRICA-Beginning of the End

SOUTHERN AFRICA Beginning of the End Farrukh Dhondy THOSE whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, The hand of nemesis is upon Rhodesia and around the throat of the pirate regime of Ian Smith, Lardner Burke and the rest of the Rhodesian Front who have ruled Zimbabwe for the last ten years in the name of the 270,000 whites. Smith himself recklessly dismissed the offer of the negotiating services of the British government and sent Greenhill, Britain's special envoy, scurrying home empty handed. The Rhodesian foreign affairs Minister, P K Van Der Byl, urged the white population to remain calm, characterising Mozambique's decision to close the 700 mile border with Rhodesia as a 'psychological warfare campaign'. Van Der Byl put on a bizarre performance of whistling in the dark when he appeared on television to tell his supporters that president Machel of Mozambique was having a lot of tremble holding his people down, and that the closure of the-border, the full implementation of UN sanctions and the noose that the guerillas have thrown around Rhodesia, were merely indications that the blacks of Mozambique needed distractions from their own troubles. He then went on to attack the foreign press for making analyses of the beginning of the end, saying ''anyone would think that the Martians were about to invade". Of course Van Der By] knows better than he makes out. The BBC, which has been pumping out footage on the plight of white settlers, showed the British public the ranch houses of Rhodesia which have been converted into small fortresses. Every white farmer and rural industrial manager has an arsenal of weapons, wire fences to prevent guerillas getting in or his own black labour getting nit, and radio links to immediate support from troops, tanks and helicopters. The head of the Rhodesian airforce was quoted as saying that his small but well-trained force could eventually wipe out the guerillas and deal with Russian missiles that are being import ed through Mozambique.

LONDON-Accepting Unemployment

February 21, 1976 LONDON Accepting Unemployment Farrukh Dhondy IRONICALLY, the only achievement that the present Labour Government of Britain can boast of is a cheek on the power of the labour force. On the first of July, the present agreement between unions and government, to keep wage demands and rises down to

LONDON-Lords Revolt

years the Americans have agreed to sell a minimum of 30 million tons of grain, including wheat, to the Soviet Union, who in return will deliver 50 million tons of oil. Also, the moratorium, imposed by the American government in August last, on further Soviet grain purchases this year has been lifted.

LONDON-Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

fie interest in the markets of fast developing East European countries particularly the GDR, Czechoslovakia and Poland. But unless the US has established a rapport with the USSR, it may not be easy for it to promote economic relations directly with these countries. Hence as a tactical measure, business circles and industrial magnates in the US might have been prepared to establish close economic ties with the USSR. An example of how trade between the US and East European countries has increased since the detente can be seen with respect to Czechoslovakia. While trade between Czechoslovakia and USA increased from 139 million Czech crowns in 1965 to 196 million crowns in 1970, i e, 40 per cent over five years, it shot up to 417 million Czech crowns by 1972, i e, 110 per cent in 2 years. The spurt in American trade with Czechoslovakia seems to have followed the sharp increase in the Soviet trade with US.


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