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COVID-19, Domestic Abuse and Violence: Where Do Indian Women Stand?

There are many dimensions to domestic violence, including the gendered division of domestic work, all of which are rooted in the exercise of patriarchal power.

COVID-19: Robust Collection of Health Data Will Ensure Better Health Policies

In the current COVID-19 crisis, data has become crucial to follow the spread of the virus and the flattening of the curve. How has India fared with regards to the documentation and upkeep of health data in India?

Rwanda, the Genocide, And a History of International Interference: A Look into the EPW Archives

The West, including world leaders and international organisations, needs to be more accountable for its seeming reluctance to stop the violence in Rwanda.

Research Radio Ep 1: What Interventions are Most Effective to Address Domestic Violence?

In this episode, we speak to Shireen J Jejeebhoy and K G Santhya about the experiences of women who have experienced domestic violence, and the role of crises centres in Bihar.

Remembering Martin Khor: Journalist, Lawyer, and Climate Activist

Khor contributed greatly to the development discourse of the global South. He also wrote extensively for the Economic & Political Weekly, particularly on climate change.

What Covid-19 Teaches India About Disaster Management

India’s disaster management framework is perilously inadequate, despite lessons from repeated epidemics and other natural calamities.

Climate Change and Gendered Vulnerabilities: Accounting for Women and Patriarchal Systems in Climate Governance Policy

Climate governance policy remains strikingly ignorant of the sociocultural context that it is embedded in, and is thus unable to account for the gender and caste inequalities that are dominant in today’s patriarchal institutions.

Decoding the 2020-21 Union Budget: Bombastic Speeches and a Plummeting Economy

How can we reconcile the 2020-21 Union Budget’s bombastic proposals with the reality of a crippled domestic economy?

De-bureaucratising Water Governance Policy: Mihir Shah Committee Report 2016 and the Way Forward

Mihir Shah Committee Report 2016, though a radical step forward in water governance policy, lacked an ecosystem perspective to water management.


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