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Growth of Literacy in Kerala

Contrary to the widely-held view which gives 'enlightened' native princes much of the credit for the widespread of literacy in Kerala, the educational transformation of that part of the country was triggered mainly by Christian missionaries (19th century) and movements for the uplift of deprived communities (first half of 20th century).

Financial Aspects of Privatisation of Higher Education-Issues and Options

Higher Education Issues and Options E T Mathew Privatisation of higher education essentially means increasing reliance on private sources of educational finance in place of ever-increasing government subsidies. Given this, cost recovery becomes a major instrument of privatisation of education. What are the options available?

Features of Kerala s Economy

Kerala's Economy: Performance, Problems, Prospects edited by B A Prakash; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1994; pp 418, Rs 375.
THE volume under review purports, as indicated in the preface, to make an assessment of the performance of Kerala's economy, and to examine the problems and prospects of the economy during the period from 1956 (when the state was formed) to 1991. While this is admittedly a genuine objective, the justification given for the publication, namely, that while a good volume of literature is available on the performance, problems and prospects of the Indian economy, the position regarding studies on regional economies, as for example Kerala, is 'extremely different' (Preface, p 11) docs not agree with facts. As is well known there is already a fairly extensive literature on Kerala's economy. In fact, the EPW HAD devoted three special issues (Nos 35-37) in 1990 to highlight the unique features of the Kerala economy. In addition, a good number of scholarly articles on the same theme have appeared from time to time in EPW and other journals of repute. Be that as it may, the present work is still welcome as it attempts to offer new insights.

Unemployed and Self-Employed-Job Preferences and Employment Perspectives

Job Preferences and Employment Perspectives E T Mathew In an earlier paper, the author argued that a major factor contributing to the growth of educated unemployment in Kerala is the preference for salaried employment, especially in the public sector, and aversion to self-employment among educated job seekers. This paper, based on survey data, explores in more depth the question of preferences of the educated unemployed in Kerala.

Educated Unemployment in Kerala-Some Socio-Economic Aspects

Educated unemployment in Kerala has assumed alarming proportions in recent times. Among the causes are the opening of too many arts and science colleges and private ITls, and a preference for salaried (especially government) employment over self-employment. Results of a sample survey show variations in average Halting time till the first regular job by type and level of education, and caste/community.

Financing College Education in the Private Sector in Kerala

Sector in Kerala E T Mathew This study attempts an evaluation of the various sources of funds, both public and private, for the financing of private colleges in Kerala and the changes in the pattern and trends of financing over time. In the context of the generally held opinion that the phenomenal growth in the number of colleges during the last three decades has been accompanied by a qualitative deterioration in standards, the paper also discusses the relationship between the manner of financing and academic standards as judged by the professional qualifications of the teaching staff and examination results.

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Emigrants and Emigrants Households-A Case Study of Two Villages in Kerala

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Emigrants and Emigrants' Households A Case Study of Two Villages in Kerala E T Mathew P R Gopinathan Nair The number of persons from Kerala seeking job opportunities outside of India has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Systematic study is necessary to understand the compulsions underlying this outward movement, the socio-economic background of the emigrants, the job opportunities open to them abroad, the subsequent inflow and use of incomes earned abroad, and the impact of all this on the economy of the state.

Taxation of Agricultural Wealth and Income-A Note on the Raj Committee s Report

A Note on the Raj Committee's Report E T Mathew The Raj Committee s report has provoked a great deal of public discussion since it was submitted in October 1972. As the major recommendations am well known by now, this article does not attempt to recount them here. Instead, the author comments on some of the more important aspects of the Report.

Taxation of Urban Property

Taxation of Urban Property E T Mathew Taxation of Urban Land and Buildings by B Nanjudaiya; Planning Commission, Perspective Planning Division, December 1971.

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