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Western Academic Sophistry and the Third World

The charge that western students of third world development are only too often blind guides who are incapable of seeing things as they really are and whose policy recommendations frequently betray an alarming degree of ethnocentric prejudice would be a purely academic point if did they not so often allow themselves to be used consciously or unconsciously for the promotion of policies which are purely in the interests of the western world.

Political Culture of the Coorgs-Some Notes

est point reached being 116.53 in 1962. In Madhya Pradesh, it was varying, but except in 1965 and 1967, they were always higher than 100. In Maharashtra a steady fall begins with 1964. In Orissa, they were throughout above 100, the highest point, 135, being reached in 1964 and 1965. In UP a fall in real wages started with 1964 whereas the rise continued upto 1965 in West Bengal. In Delhi, with an occasional flue- tuation upward, they were on the whole lower than 100.

Electoral Politics and Social Change

This paper examines popular electoral politics as an integrating factor within the political system and as an agent of social change at the three main levels of the village, the State and the nation.

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