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Political Economy of (De)Carbonisation

There is a high correlation between wealth and greenhouse gas emissions. Changing geopolitics over clean energy is replacing fossil fuel-based global power structures. Climate change is the new colonialism. Fossil fuels remain the most strategic commodity and are critical to national and international politics.


Far-right Illiberalism on the Rise in the United States and Europe

Right-wing extremism is based on White supremacist nationalism. White nationalism is that belief in national identity built around White ethnicity. The far-right populism has disrupted the politics of many Western societies. It racialises a lot of problems even when race is not the answer. White supremacy is a far more dispersed and deeply ingrained ideology in Western society, which over time, may appear harder to defeat.

Economic Evaluation of Urban Water Supply Schemes

Urban Water Supply Schemes Dipankar Chatterji There is an urgent need to include new parameters of value associated with development, growth, environment in estimating cost-benefit analysis. What are the problems associated with the exercise?

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