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A Noble First

Abdus Salam, the founder-director of the Third World Academy of Sciences at Trieste, was the first Indian Muslim Nobel Laureate.

Science Policy and Parliament

issues, etc The local vidnyan mandal of the village would be announced alongwith the expectations from it. The organisers or the yatra have decided to follow up the process started in this yatra and hence the establishment of these mandals is very important in this respect. It was made clear that the yatra does not have any ready- made formula to solve the problems of degraded agriculture. The solution has to be found through the interaction of farmers and pro-people scientists. The perspective outlined in the slides and the techniques recommended need to be concretised and refined further. This can be done only collectively and as part of the people's movement.

Growth and Failures of India s Science Policy

Dhirendra Sharma For the developing nations, 'Science Policy' has a special significance because it stands for deliberate efforts of formulating national goals and systematic planning towards achieving specific aspirations of the people. Science Policy is not mere allocation and institutional management of funds and resources provided for R and D; in its broadest sense, it concerns itself with the generation of new knowledge and its application to the development of society. Thus, Science Policy inherently involves consideration not only of the economist, the sociologist and the philosopher, but also of the political leadership.

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